Orc Warrior

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Orc Warrior
Orc Warrior.gif
Heart.png Hit Points: 125
Xp.png Experience: 100
Summon.png Summon: 360
Convince.png Convince: 360
Abilities:Melee (0-60)
Class:Humanoid (Orc)
Push Objects:
Est. Max Damage:60 hp per turn
Immune To:-
Sounds:"Grraarr."; "Zarrek ghar me."; "Argh!"
Task:1000 (The Minotaur Faction)
Note:Orc Warriors run in low health (10 hp or less).
Old sprites: 809.png Orcwarrior.gif
Strategy:Dangerous for bad equipped or lower levels. They have a decent armor so make sure you have enough skills and a good weapon when fighting as a Warrior. Their exp / hp ratio is horrible but it is worth killing them when hunting stronger Orcs as they drop Chain Armors which are a good lootbag item.
Very Common 0-15 Gold Coins, Sabre, Wooden Shield
Common Meat, Chain Armor, Bottle
Rare Copper Shield
Extremely Rare Poison Dagger
Skinnable:Iron Headpiece.pngIron Headpiece with Hunter's Knife.pngHunter's Knife

Orc head.png Orc Head with Skinpeeler.pngSkinpeeler

Leather beater.pngLeather Beater with Skinning Knife.pngSkinning Knife
Location:Orc Fortress, Mejborn, Garrogat Orc Cave, Coldridge

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