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Osaris is an ancient desert city in the north-west part of the Neph desert on the continent of Najira, currently under the rule of Caliph Khanrad.
The city can be reached by ship or by gryphon, or alternatively by a long trek across the Al-Najira from the southern desert city of Yehsha.
Osaris was historically founded under the guidance of the great benevolent dragon Umos, until he was felled by an unnamed knight and reign of the city fell unto the people he had shepherded.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Osaris NPCs

Halfadir.png Halfadir Map.png Priest
Captain Jalal.png Captain Jalal Map.png Ship Captain
Shimbar.png Shimbar Map.png Gryphon Caretaker, Postman
Fara.png Fara Map.png Postwoman
Lijir.png Lijir Map.png Banker
Layla.png Layla Map.png Task Master
Osaris Guard.png Osaris Guard Map.png City Guard
Shilva.png Shilva Map.png Equipment Trader
Hylsa.png Hylsa Map.png Rune and Potion Trader
Quasim.png Quasim Map.png Ammunition Trader
Horif.png Horif Map.png Weapon Trader
Hasain.png Hasain Map.png Armor Trader
Lihsha.png Lihsha Map.png Jeweller
Rashaad.png Rashaad Map.png Furniture Trader
Bedhin.png Bedhin Map.png Mage and Druid Spell Teacher
Nafir.png Nafir Map.png Knight and Archer Spell Teacher
Caliph Khanrad.png Caliph Khanrad Map.png Caliph of Osaris
Kiran.png Kiran Map.png Priest
Nahar.png Nahar Map.png Protector of the Caliph
Jaruf.png Jaruf Map.png Fruit and Vegetable Trader
Kamil.png Kamil Map.png Meat and Fish Trader
Tarr.png Tarr Map.png Baker
Akil.png Akil Map.png Stablemaster