Outlaw Camp

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Wild Warrior.png
Outlaw Camp
The Outlaw Camp can be found north-east of Arak. It is home to those who forsook their land and people for the wayward life.
Recommended Level:30+
Loot:Star 3.png
Experience:Star 3.png
Location:Map.png North-east of Arak
Be prepared
to face:
Wild Warrior, Hunter, Monk (underground only), Archer (+1 and +2 only), Vigilante (+1 only)
Notes:A big Wild Warrior & Hunter spawn with occasional Monks, Archers and a Vigilante, good for the Wild Warrior & Hunter Experience Tasks.
There are two NPCs in the Outlaw Camp: P.K. who buys many different armors and weapons; and Crispy Face who sells food.
The spawn maps below do not include the lower floors (below -2) that lead to other hunting places such as the Orc Fortress. Also, there are many more Wild Warriors and Hunters in the forests and caves around the Outlaw Camp that are worth exploring.
Spawn maps

These maps are only illustrative and there might be slight in-game variations.
+2 OutlawCamp+2.png
+1 OutlawCamp+1.png
0 OutlawCamp0.png
-1 OutlawCamp-1.png
-2 OutlawCamp-2.png

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