Platinum Amulet

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Platinum Amulet
You see a Platinum Amulet (Arm:2). 
It weighs 6.0 oz.
It is an amulet of protection.
 Superior (1)
Description:It is an amulet of protection.
Weight:6.0 oz
Dropped by:Elf Sharpshooter, Elf Swordmaster, Dark Elf Swordmaster, Ant Soldier, Giant Spider, Lich, Panther, Jothun, Ogre Gruntz, Ogre Smasher, Skull Reaper, Blue Fungi, Royalist, Demon, Demorc Brute, Broodmother, Ashlord, Uliaarthar
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
FalconEnorth (1,500 gp; only after completing the The Explorers Guild)
OsarisZiyad (1,500 gp; only after completing the Loyality and Devotion Quest)
Note:Provides +2 armor.
Better than a Scarf, although much more difficult to obtain for lower level players.
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