Platinum Amulet

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Platinum Amulet
You see a Platinum Amulet (Arm:2). 
It weighs 6.0 oz.
It is an amulet of protection.
 Superior (1)
Description:It is an amulet of protection.
Weight:6.0 oz
Dropped by:Elf Sharpshooter, Elf Swordmaster, Dark Elf Swordmaster, Ant Soldier, Giant Spider, Lich, Jothun, Ogre Gruntz, Ogre Smasher, Skull Reaper, Blue Fungi, Royalist, Demon, Demorc Brute, Broodmother, Uliaarthar
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
OsarisZiyad (1,500 gp)
Note:Provides +2 armor.
Better than a Scarf, although much more difficult to obtain for lower level players.

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