Poison Dagger

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Poison Dagger
You see a Poison Dagger (Atk:18 Def:8). 
It weighs 8.8 oz.
Weight:8.8 oz
Dropped by:Corrupted Spider, Emperor Scorpion, Mummy, Mutated Rat, Warlock, Orc Warrior, Swamp Demon, Winged Vermin
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
AbukirTamara (50 gp)
ArakBronislav (50 gp)
CironeHazlit (50 gp)
DynahallGirdan (50 gp)
EschenAndre (50 gp)
GarrogatRisdarick (50 gp)
IcenhaalDaevi (50 gp)
LucindelDalos (50 gp)
MittenhoffGlorin (50 gp)
OsarisHorif (50 gp)
Outlaw CampP.K. (5 gp)
ThorisDietrich (50 gp), Cord (50 gp)
ViliasPeter (50 gp)
YehshaAlesar (50 gp; only after completing the Green Djinn missions), Aadim (50 gp)
Note:Despite its name, the poison dagger does not inflict poison damage or effects.
The fourth strongest obtainable sword on Novus.

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