Shielding and Armor

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  • Items used for defence are Shields, Axes, Swords or Clubs. Melee weapons' defence values ONLY count when a shield isn't worn, and then your weapon type melee skill is counted as your shielding skill in the dmg reduction formula.
  • Only one defence source counts, which means only one of two shields works.
  • If both a weapon and a shield are equipped, only the shield counts as a def source.
  • You can block up to two physical attacks per turn (2 seconds) - any physical attack after the first two will bypass the "shield" damage reduction and directly hit the armor or target if no armor is worn.
  • You can block both melee and distance physical attacks from creatures, but players' distance attacks will ignore your shield. Magical/elemental damage is not affected by defence or armor (but it can be reduced through the use of (druid) Spells, Properties and Attributes).
  • When physical damage is reduced to 0 or below by your "shield/defence", then a poof animation will appear on your character.
  • Fist fighting has a default defence value of 7.
  • Distance Weapons have 0 defence.
  • Having 2 creatures hitting you while training is the optimal way to train your shielding skill. You need to bleed your target once every 15 turns (30 seconds) when blocking 2 creatures in order for your skill to continue advancing as you keep getting hit, since it counts the next 30 hits.
  • Only "poofs" (shield-blocked hits) go towards increasing your shielding skill!
  • Training methods are the same as shown on the Melee Skills page, if you train with summons you should lure 2 Rats or Rotworms or something weak to hit you for shielding advancement.
  • Knights and Archers advance in shielding at the same speed, while mages and druids advance much more slowly.
  • Any vocation can increase their shielding skill by wearing Shields with the Guardian Attribute or temporarily by using Baked Maris Feasts.
  • Upon completion of the Demonic Faction knights are promoted into Crusader Knights and receive a 5% boost to the damage they block with a shield.

Shield Damage Reduction Formula:

The amount of damage blocked depends on your fighting stances,
these are the defence factors:
Offensive.png Offensive: 0.5 (50%)
Balanced.png Balanced: 0.75 (75%)
Defensive.png Defensive: 1 (100%)

a = Defense Value
b = Shielding Skill (or weapon skill if no shield)
c = Defence Factor

Maximum Shield Dmg Reduction Formula:
{a * [b^(6/5)] * c * 0.05} +10

The minimum damage blocked is 0, so on hit a random number is chosen between 0 and your Max Block Value.


  • Commonly referred to as Arm.
  • Items which give armor are Armors, Helmets, Legs, Boots and some Amulets.
  • Armor only reduces physical damage (both Melee and Distance) and not magical/elemental damage (which can be reduced with (druid) Spells, Properties and Attributes). Unlike Shielding, armor can reduce the damage of any number of physical hits in one turn.
  • When physical damage is reduced to 0 or below by your "arm", then a yellow sparks animation will appear on your character.
  • Any vocation can increase their total armor further by wearing equipment with the Superior Attribute.

Armor Damage Reduction Formula:

Unlike shielding, armor damage reduction is not affected by your fighting stance or any kind of skill.

Maximum Armor Dmg Reduction Formula:
[Total Arm^(3/2)] * 0.26 + 0.99
Minimum Armor Dmg Reduction Formula:
[Total Arm^(4/3)] * 0.27

The average armor damage reduction value is calculated by putting together your minimum and maximum possible reduction and then dividing the result by 2.

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