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Location:Map.png Osaris, west of depot
Occupation:Gryphon Station Manager, Postman
Passage to:
Abukir*60 gp
Garrogat40 gp
Mittenhoff50 gp
Snowy Hills60 gp
Note: The price of travelling drops by 10 gp upon completion of The Postman Missions Quest.
Abukir is only available as a destination upon completion of the Access to Abukir Quest to travel by ship and Abukir's Gryphon Issue Quest to travel by gryphon.
Notes:He can take you to Gryphon destinations. Shimbar also sells letters and parcels.
Item: Name: Price:
Letter.png Letter 8/5* gp
Parcel.png Parcel 15/10* gp
*Price drops on completion of The Postman Missions Quest.
Item: Name: Price:
This merchant does not buy anything.

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