Swamplight Wand

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Swamplight Wand.png
You see a Swamplight Wand
It weighs 9.0 oz.
Effect:Damage Cap: Deals 4-26 poison damage on hit (right click wand and left click target) depending on lvl/ML (max cap damage is 20-26).
Magic Level
per hit:
Weight:9.0 oz
Dropped by:None
Buy from:
AbukirLeila (400 gp)
ArakAlexei (400 gp)
EschenXanthus (400 gp)
FalconLucius (400 gp)
GarrogatMeshib (400 gp), Jodi (400 gp)
IcenhaalFrankie (400 gp), Dwell (400 gp)
LucindelEthrihil (400 gp)
MittenhoffUrgrim (400 gp)
OsarisHylsa (400 gp)
ThorisTorben (400 gp)
YehshaCherf (400 gp), Morunan (400 gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:Used by right-clicking the wand while it is in your hand and left-clicking a target on-screen or in the battle list.
The weakest available wand, can be purchased at magic shops cheaply and the type can be changed there any time to either the Moonlight Wand or Firelight Wand variant (keyword = 'change element').
Same as other offensive wands, it can be recharged using the Recharge Wand spell, however these beginner wands are so cheap it's better to just buy a new one for 400 gold.

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