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Thoris Icon.png Thoris Map.png

Thoris is located in the snowy north-west of the main continent of Medivia, it can be reached by ship or by walking from any of the other four cities of the continent. It is currently governed by Baron Johann Ardlich.
The city of Thoris is run and ruled by merchants. In their hierarchy social status is derived from an individual's wealth and economical power, all the way up to the Baron who presides over the city.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Thoris NPCs

Adalbert.png Adalbert Map.png Priest
Captain Greyhound.png Captain Greyhound Map.png Ship Captain
Snetir.png Snetir Map.png Postman
Ansgar.png Ansgar Map.png Banker
Rulha.png Rulha Map.png Task Master
Thoris Guard.png Thoris Guard Map.png City Guard
Clara.png Clara Map.png Equipment Trader
Elmar.png Elmar Map.png Equipment Trader
Torben.png Torben Map.png Rune and Potion Trader
Mage Spell Teacher
Agathe.png Agathe Map.png Ammunition Trader
Dietrich.png Dietrich Map.png Armor & Weapon Trader
Cord.png Cord Map.png Weapon Trader
Astrid.png Astrid Map.png Jeweller
Marius.png Marius Map.png Furniture Trader
Jakob.png Jakob Map.png Mage Spell Teacher
El'Fand.png El'fandal Map.png Druid Spell Teacher
Adelheid.png Adelheid Map.png Knight and Archer Spell Teacher
Jorg.png Jorg Map.png Ship Builder
Ivo.png Ivo Map.png Ship Builder
Erhard.png Erhard Map.png Fisherman
Ida.png Ida Map.png Prostitute
Flora.png Flora Map.png Prostitute
Klaus.png Klaus Map.png Brothel Keeper
Torlof.png Torlof Map.png Fisherman
Baron Johann Ardlich.png Baron Johann Ardlich Map.png Baron of Thoris
Thraell.png Thraell Map.png Baron's Guard
Garrant.png Garrant Map.png Baron's Advisor
Hosef.png Hosef Map.png Scribe of Thoris
Einar.png Einar Map.png Innkeeper
Anke.png Anke Map.png Waitress
Sina.png Sina Map.png Child
Erika.png Erika Map.png Fruit Trader
Nina.png Nina Map.png Mushroom Trader
Victor.png Victor Map.png Baker
Kimberly.png Kimberly Map.png Fisherwoman
Roe Trader
Heidi.png Heidi Map.png Vegetable Trader
Matilda.png Matilda Map.png Egg Trader
Bertram.png Bertram Map.png Scarf Trader
Parsifal.png Parsifal Map.png Paper Supply Trader
Michael.png Michael Map.png Instrument Trader
Paul.png Paul Map.png Meat Trader
Raimund.png Raimund Map.png Council Merchant
Urfalk.png Urflak Map.png Innkeeper
Barkley the Beggar.png Barkley the Beggar Map.png Beggar
Abigail.png Abigail Map.png Grim Student
Jochen.png Jochen Map.png Grim Student
Ebbe.png Ebbe Map.png Grim Grandmaster
Hedwig.png Hedwig Map.png Prison Guard
Jost.png Jost Map.png Executioner
Barbara.png Barbara Map.png Azure Mercenary
Fenbala.png Fenbala Map.png Azure Mercenary
Gustav.png Gustav Map.png Farmer
Captain Albrecht.png Captain Albrecht Map.png Hundred Spears Captain
Sergeant Felis.png Sergeant Felis Map.png Southern Mercenary Camp Sergeant