Thoris Catacombs

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Thoris Catacombs
Great source of money and experience.
Recommended Level:10+
Loot:Very good
Location:Thoris, Royal Castle
Be prepared
to face:
Spider, Poison Spider, Rat, Cave Rat, Bat, Rotworm, Skeleton, Ghoul, Crypt Shambler, Gargoyle, Revenant, Vampire, Lich, Necromancer
Strategy:Try to kill monsters in the doorways one by one. Most of monsters in there don't step of items like parcels or boxes.
Notes:You need Key 9002 to open doors on entrance. To hunt in here effectively, you need to have decent equipment. Turn off the torch to open hidden passage. There is a room where you can skill on two gargoyles.

Red circle - Entrance
Blue circle - Barkley the Beggar, NPC that will sell you the key.

Red circle - Hidden Entrance
Blue circle - torch you need to switch off to open it.
Expect skeletons, rotworms, and ghouls and weaker monsters everywhere throughout catacombs. The more difficult monsters are labeled. Center


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