Troll Cave & Goblin Cave Test Chambers

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Troll & Goblin Cave & Test Chambers
A cave system on Premium side on Novus.
Recommended Level:5+
Loot:Star 3.png
Experience:Star 3.png
Location:Map.png South on Premium plains Novus Village
Be prepared
to face:
Minotaur.gif Minotaur, Goblin.png Goblin, Troll.gif Troll, Mutated Rat.gif Mutated Rat
Notes:This cave system leads to a huge Troll Cave and a Very big Goblin Cave,
it also leads to Goblin Temple Quest


Trolls Prem Side.jpg

-33 Trolls Goblins.jpg

Test Chambers.png

  • Here you can try your strength on different creatures,

or continue to Goblin Cave or Goblin Temple Quest

Go back to Novus Hunting Places.