Vampire Shield

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Vampire Shield
You see a Vampire Shield (Def:34). 
It weighs 38.0 oz.
Dark powers enchant this shield.
Item Rank:100
Properties:Strength (1), 1% lifedrain resistance
 Vitality (30/23/15), Guardian (3), Fortified (1), Block (2%), Strength (2), Resistance (Lifedrain, 1%)
Description:Dark powers enchant this shield.
Weight:38.0 oz
Dropped by:Vampire, Cultist Blooddrinker, Blood Witch, Deathkiss Watcher
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
FalconAshun (15,000 gp; only after completing the The Explorers Guild)
Outlaw CampP.K. (119 gp)
YehshaAlesar (15,000 gp; only after completing the Green Djinn missions)
Note:Commonly used by lower level players. Obtainable in the Vampire Shield Quest.

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