Wand of Light

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Wandoflight plz.gif
You see a Wand of Light (Def:18). 
It weighs 10.0 oz.
Item Rank:45
Properties:Intelligence (1)
 Intelligence (2)
Weight:10.0 oz
Dropped by:Skeleton Mage, Cultist Blooddrinker, Tar Priest, Arcestar, Shakirian Prayer, Dark Grim, Master Ecthrois, Sphinx, Wraith, Chaos Worshiper, Ancient Watcher, Blood Sphinx, Incidamus, Shadow Phoenix, Ritualist, Pegasus
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
FalconEnorth (4,000 gp; only after completing the The Explorers Guild)
OsarisZiyad (4,000 gp; only after completing the Loyality and Devotion Quest)
Note:Can be used to cast Small Explosive Runes with a single target effect.
Provides clear white light similar to that of a Star Amulet.

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