White Light Sanctuary

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White Light Sanctuary
The only place to do your White Light Faction tasks, as well as an extremely high-level hunting place.
Recommended Level:350+
Location:White Light Sanctuary, south of Eschen (here Map.png)
Be prepared
to face:
Mindless Worshiper, Priest of Light, Priestess of Light, Holy Sentinel, Icon of Light
Strategy:Priests and Priestesses keep their distance, they could be described as stronger Warlocks, although they don't use Invisibility. They can be hunted with Heavy Magic Missiles and Explosions when multiple.
Be very careful of Sentinels' and Icons' huge comboes and strong paralyzes, always block them diagonally! They are some of the most powerful creatures in the game and a knight below level 340 should not attempt to block them without accepting the very real risk of death. Having a healer is HIGHLY advised.
Shooters should always be using Magic Shield/Energy Rings.
Notes:Main hunting location of The White Light Faction.

Opening the lower floors:

Map of the Spawn:

Cross Icon.png = Priest of Light
Skull Icon.png = Holy Sentinel
Light Icon.png = Icon of Light

-1 sanctuary.png
-2 santuary.png

-3 sanctuary.png