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Yehsha is a city situated on the south end of the Al-Najira desert on the continent of Najira, founded and protected by the people's god and saviour Rashed, currently under the rule of Pharaoh Anhamtap.
Yehsha can be reached by ship or by a long trek across the Al-Najira from the northern desert city of Osaris.
The city is a thriving marvel of architecture filled with pristine pyramidal structures hewn from sandstone, surrounded by massive watchtower-lined walls to protect it from outside threats.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Yehsha NPCs

Sabri.png Sabri Map.png Druid Spell Teacher, Priest
Admiral Ari.png Admiral Ari Map.png Ship Captain
Farid.png Farid Map.png Postman
Asha.png Asha Map.png Banker, Jeweller
Nabirye.png Nabirye Map.png Task Master
Yehsha Guard.png Yehsha Guard Map.png City Guard
Abu.png Abu Map.png Equipment Trader
Cherf.png Cherf Map.png Rune Trader
Morunan.png Morunan Map.png Potion Trader
Rihs.png Rihs Map.png Ammunition Trader
Aadim.png Aadim Map.png Weapon Trader
Noranim.png Noranim Map.png Armor Trader
Basit.png Basit Map.png Furniture Trader
Haffnal.png Haffnal Map.png Mage Spell Teacher
Ormm.png Ormm Map.png Knight Spell Teacher
Nadim.gif Nadim Map.png Archer Spell Teacher
Kilmen.png Kilmen Map.png Skipper
Pharaoh Anhamtap.png Pharaoh Anhamtap Map.png Pharaoh of Yehsha
Yargoon.png Yargoon Map.png Grand Vizier
Shazi.png Shazi Map.png Innkeeper
Abasi.png Abasi Map.png Dancer
Alani.png Alani Map.png Dancer
Jameela.png Jameela Map.png Librarian
Farnaal.png Farnaal Map.png Meat Trader
Yllien.png Yllien Map.png Vegetable Trader
Tyass.png Tyass Map.png Baker
Ohil.png Ohil Map.png Fruit Trader
Priest Kelal.png Priest Kelal Map.png Priest
Priest Marhap.png Priest Marhap Map.png Priest
Priest Sildev.png Priest Sildev Map.png Priest
Priest Navtep.png Priest Navtep Map.png Priest