Novus Helmets

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Helmets are the second most important equipment piece. They provide less defence than armors, and are cheaper and more common than Legs with the same armor value.
The strongest helmet obtainable on Novus is the Iron Helmet.

Image: Name: Arm: Weight: Obtainable from:
RTENOTITLE Mystic Turban 1 8.9 oz Unobtainable. Was once given to a player by a developer on Legacy.
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet 1 22.0 oz Lootable from: Goblin, Minotaur Mage, Troll
Purchasable from: Al Dee (12 gp), Lee'Delle (12 gp), Dixi (12 gp), Scott (12 gp), Norma (12 gp)
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet 2 42.0 oz Lootable from: Minotaur
Purchasable from: Al Dee (52 gp), Dixi (52 gp), Lee'Delle (49 gp), Norma (52 gp), Scott (52 gp)
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet 2 24.5 oz Lootable from: Elf, Orc, Orc Spearman
Purchasable from: Dixi (63 gp)
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet 3 27.0 oz Lootable from: Ghoul, Minotaur
Reward from: Bear Room Quest
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet 4 31.0 oz Lootable from: Rotworm
Reward from: Dragon Corpse Quest, Present Quest
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet 4 39.0 oz Lootable from: Ghoul, Skeleton
Reward from: Copper Shield Quest, Katana Quest
Iron helmet Iron Helmet 5 30.0 oz Lootable from: Fledgling Dragon (very rare)
Reward from: Bonebeast Task (400 kills)
Steel Helmet Steel Helmet 6 46.0 oz Lootable from: Incinera; powerful dragon raid boss

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