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You see a Parcel
It weighs 18.0 oz.
Weight:18.0 oz
Dropped by:None.
Buy from:
AbukirAbdullah (50/30* gp)
ArakVladislav (15/10* gp), Kevin (15/10* gp)
EschenBenedict (15/10* gp)
GarrogatChloe (15/10* gp)
IcenhaalFrances (15/10* gp)
LouserettUlf (15/10* gp)
LucindelElashor (15/10* gp)
MittenhoffMurbom (15/10* gp)
OsarisFara (15/10* gp), Shimbar (15/10* gp)
ThorisSnetir (15/10* gp)
YehshaFarid (15/10* gp)
Sell to:Players only.
Note:Parcels are used to send items to other players, even to send lootbags to yourself using royal mailboxes. Advancing to Assistant Postman rank in the Postman Guild will grant you a discount on parcels. Parcels have to include a Label to be sent to another player, therefore the useable volume is only nine (although you can include containers filled with more items inside).
*The price of parcels at all merchants drops when you complete The Postman Missions Quest. All parcels come with a Label.

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