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Hello everyone! 

Since Wikispaces closes down in kinda near future and there was no real public development in terms of keeping wiki alive I decided to step in and do the thing, HEH. It was not exactly easy due to the somewhat poor export quality provided by Wikispaces but here it is, a new wiki hosted alongside mediviastats, available at !

Of course its same outdated wiki we all know and love (hate?) and so we will need a bunch of people that can review what is currently on it and update the content to reflect the current game state. An ability to edit or create pages is restricted to Editor rank in order to prevent harmful actions towards wiki, in order to be granted this rank you will have to contact one of the wiki admins either in the game or via discord that will be linked later. Ingame names of current wiki admins are:

Anyone with a rank of Organizer on Wikispaces wiki should feel free to contact me in-game/discord so I can grant them an admin rank on the new wiki.

I'd like to thank some people which helped me along the way:

your efforts will make it much easier to get stuff up to date :D

We also made a discord server so anyone with questions or will to help to get the wiki up to date can join up and talk with us or get started on how to edit/add stuff - you can join using this invite link:

Have a good one!

PS (by Matiasz): Farrk Farrk stary platfus