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The Medivia Store is a feature to purchase goods and services using Medivia Coins.
You can purchase Medivia Coins for real life money on the Medivia website and they are assigned to your account when the payment is verified.
You can retrieve them by using !scroll command on Default channel. Or you can purchase them in-game using Gold from other players who wish to sell theirs.

Premium Time applies to the account and Outfits are limited to the character that purchases the product.
House Utilities and House Inferior packages can be unwrapped only in a House.
Your Medivia Coin balance is read straight from your backpack.

List of other premium articles bought for Medivia Coins can be seen here.


Medivia Store offers are sorted by categories.


Image Name Price
RTENOTITLE Premium Scroll 100 Medivia Coins


Image Name Price
RTENOTITLE Temple Scroll 4 Medivia Coins
RTENOTITLE 20x Temple Scroll 40 Medivia Coins
RTENOTITLE Wisdom Scroll 35 Medivia Coins
RTENOTITLE Premium House Scroll 435 Medivia Coins
RTENOTITLE House Scroll 290 Medivia Coins

House Utilities

Image Name Price
  Planting Pot 75 Medivia Coins
  Cooking Oven 150 Medivia Coins
RTENOTITLE Home Mailbox 290 Medivia Coins
RTENOTITLE Home Depot 360 Medivia Coins

House Interior

Image Name Price
  Lesser Magic Dust 25 Medivia Coins
  Magic Dust 50 Medivia Coins
  Hangable Blackboard 50 Medivia Coins
  Wine Cask 20 Medivia Coins
  Dustbin 15Medivia Coins
  Colorful Painting 10 Medivia Coins
  Ocean Painting 10 Medivia Coins
  Dwarf Statue 80 Medivia Coins
  Dwarf Slayer Statue 1 80 Medivia Coins
  Dwarf Slayer Statue 2 80 Medivia Coins
  Banshee Statue 80 Medivia Coins
  Stone Golem Statue 80 Medivia Coins
  Sword Statue 80 Medivia Coins
  Ankh Monument 60 Medivia Coins
  Sandstone Pillar 60 Medivia Coins
  Pyramid Structure 60 Medivia Coins
  Marbel Pillar 60 Medivia Coins
  Granit Pillar 60 Medivia Coins
  Candle Stick 1 30 Medivia Coins
  Candle Stick 2 30 Medivia Coins
  Marbel Podium 70 Medivia Coins
  Bookcase 50 Medivia Coins


Image Name Price
  1x Royal Tapestry A-Z, 0-9 20 Medivia Coins


Image Name Price
RTENOTITLE Golden Quiver 270 Medivia Coins
RTENOTITLE Quiver 20 Medivia Coins

Outfits and Addons

Image Name Price
  Hellfire Outfit (Outfit) 360 Medivia Coins
  Hellfire Outfit (Addon 1) 150 Medivia Coins
  Hellfire Outfit (Addon 2) 150 Medivia Coins
  Fisherman 285 Medivia Coins
  Wizard 980 Medivia Coins
  Marksman (Outfit) 560 Medivia Coins
  Marksman (Addon 1) 250 Medivia Coins
  Marksman (Addon 2) 250 Medivia Coins