Face of Decay

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Face of Decay
Face of decay.png
Heart.png Hit Points: ?
Xp.png Experience: ?
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: -
Push Objects:
Walks Around:None.
Est. Max Damage:? hp per turn
Immune To:?
Neutral To:Physical
Note:Halloween Event Boss. Being an immortal, he cannot be killed and he can only be locked away in the afterlife for a single year. The coffin that he is buried in deep below the ghostlands will always magically unlock, because of a curse that was put on it by Necromantica when Face of Decay was created by Daevok himself.
Strategy:You will need a group of at least 20 high leveled people to defeat this powerful creature.
Location:Hidden dungeon below Ghostlands near Carlin.

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