Lightbringer Hero

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Lightbringer Hero
Lightbringer Hero.gif
Heart.png Hit Points: 15000
Xp.png Experience: 21000
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-1500+), Ranged Poison Ball (0-500), Throwing Star (0-400), Manadrain Wave (0-200), Berserk (?-?), Paralyze Bomb, Strong Haste, ?
Push Objects:
Walks Around:Energy, ?
Est. Max Damage:3000~hp per turn
Immune To:?
Neutral To:Energy, Physical
Task:250 (Thaian Army Faction)
Note:Due to hard paralysis and very strong haste it's almost impossible to outrun them.
Loot:0-20 Meat, 0-2 Headhunter Spear, Bascinet (rare), Heavy Halberd (rare), Steel Boots (rare), Barbel Feast Recipe (very rare), Lightbringer Helmet (rare), Executioner's Sword (extremely rare), Hellforged Legs (extremely rare)
Location:Lightbringer's Camps in Garrogat, PoH and Mintwalin

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