Orc Fortress

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Ulderek's Rock ( Orc Fortress )

Near City: Venore
Location: East of Ferngrims Gate; north-west of Venore; south-east of Ab'dendriel, =332&x=1063&z=7&zoom=3[[Image:Map_(Colour).gif|Map_(Colour).gifVenore</span> and east of Ab'Dendriel. It is the largest city of the orcish race in Tibianic. It is said many treasures are hidden in the land from the countless raids of orcs preying upon human-kind. Be wary if you plan an expedition to this land because it is well guarded by the barracks outside the city. Recently, they built large camps around the Fortress in which they build their siege equipment supposedly used during sieges on human cities.

All types of Orc inhabit this fortress as well as other Monsters. The central courtyard of the fortress contains many evil creatures such as Orc Leader, Orc Shaman, and Orc Berserker. The courtyard contains buildings such as shops, libraries, and even a prison. Long corridors surround the courtyard and are teeming with evil orcs. The lower levels of the fortress are very dangerous and a guarded by fearsome Orc Warlord. If you manage to brave the dangers of the lower levels you will come to the King's chambers and beyond this gate is the fearsome Orc King, who surprisingly enough, looks like a Slime. Be careful, the King does not tolerate intruders. In the prison cell, you can see an Elf which is not able to do anything and can't be attacked either.

A royal mailbox can be found around =338&x=1161&z=7&zoom=4[[Image:Map_(Colour).gif|Map_(Colour).gifGreat Fireball will be the best choice for the weaker monsters and Explosionor Heavy Magic Missilerunes for the Orc Leader and Orc Warlord. Make sure you bring plenty of Ultimate Healing Rune when hunting.

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Orc Fortress (NPC's)

Name Picture Job Buy/Sell Location

The Orc King

King no

Throne Room (=288&x=1176&z=9&zoom=4[[Image:Map_(Colour).gif|Map_(Colour).gif

Orc Fortress (Creatures)

Picture Name Experience Hitpoints



50 70


War Wolf

110 140


Orc Spearman

76 105


Orc Warrior

100 125


Orc Shaman

220 115


Orc Rider

220 180



300 260



340 260


Orc Berserker

390 210

Orc leader.png

Orc Leader

540 450


Orc Warlord

1340 950



1400 1000

Orc Fortress.png

Hunting Places