Steel Shield

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Steel Shield
You see a Steel Shield (Def:21).
It weighs 69.0 oz.
Weight:69.0 oz.
Loot Value:80 gp
Dropped by:Ancient Golem, Beholder, Dragon, Elder Beholder, General Manos, Gromm, Stone Golem, Wild Warrior
Buy from:
Ab'DendrielShanar (240 gp)
GarrogatRisdarick (240 gp)
KazordoonKroox (240 gp)
ThaisSam (240 gp), Turvy (240 gp), Ulrik (240 gp)
VenoreYanni (240 gp)
Sell to:
Ab'DendrielShanar (80 gp)
GarrogatRisdarick (80 gp)
Outlaw CampH.L. (30 gp, only trades with male characters.)
ThaisSam (80 gp), Turvy (80 gp)
VenoreYanni (80 gp)
Note:It was once the best known shield, dropped back then by Daemon. This may be the first shield you get on the mainland since you can buy it in a shop for a reasonable price.
Obtainable in the Garrogat Goblin Quest.

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