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Here you can download a few handy things. They are legal.

Medivia Map

Medivia new Map (Mainland Update):
Unpack and copy the files into this folder: C:\Users\ <your username>\medivia\minimap

Also delete every file in the folder C:\Users\ <your username>\medivia\minimap_cache

NOTE: You must close client before you take any action.

Medivia Profiles Manager


Medivia Profiles Manager
Hey, this is a small utility written by Farrk that you can use if you would like to run Medivia client with multiple configs, for example: 

You want to run the client with your main character, but you don't need 3 panels and 200 fps lock for your makers, rather a single panel and 10 fps lock so it does not fry your gaming rig....
Or you just want to not retype the password to every of 50 accounts you own without breaking any rules smile. The GUI is rather simple, hovering over buttons explains their function!

This tool will allow you to run medivia with multiple configs and maps without them overwriting each other depending on which client you exit last.
Besides that, it also allows updating given profile with your main map and config, as well as sprite pack (those 3 buttons in the GUI).

If you hover over buttons with cursor, it will display a tooltip describing what given button does.


Link: You can download it at!
The tool has been updated on 2020-07-31 to support mainland update Medivia Online client. IN ORDER FOR EXISTING PROFILES TO WORK YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT AND CLICK BUTTON NAMED "FIX FATAL ERROR Unable to load game.wad"


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