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Fishing is one of the skills which Medivia offers alongside the likes of Cooking and Mining. It does not have a direct impact on your gameplay, although it can result in long-term benefits and enjoyment.

Getting started

To begin your journey with fishing, you will need a fishing rod. Fishing rods can be used to catch fish, but they cannot be used on all types of water. It's not possible to use fishing rods on shallow water. Once a fish is caught, it takes 10 minutes to respawn. There are three types of fishing rods, ranging in quality and difficulty to obtain:

Image Name Weight Price Note
RTENOTITLE Wooden Fishing Rod 8.5 oz. 150 gp Can be bought from any equipment/tool shop. Can be pulled out of your hands and drop into the water.
RTENOTITLE Modified Fishing Rod 9.5 oz. 25000 gp An improved fishing rod, can be used to catch more uncommon types of fish, ones that cannot be caught with a wooden rod. Cannot be pulled into the water.
Can be bought from Trond in Holdangraff and from Scott on Novus.
RTENOTITLE Enhanced Fishing Rod 12.5 oz. 5x Heliodor Bar
1x Glob of Tar
1x Frozen Ham
1x Modified Rod
The best fishing rod, can be used to catch even the rarest types of fish, ones that cannot be caught with the other rods. Cannot be pulled into the water.
Randy in Abukir can give you one in exchange for some items. You also need 10x Northern Pikes, but only for the first rod you make with Randy.

Note: Increasingly rare fish can only be caught with more advanced fishing rods.

The higher your fishing skill, the higher your success rate at successfully fishing on a water square, and the lower the chance of getting Worn Leather Boots and Broken Bottles.

Pools of fish

If you spot a fish jumping out of the water, quickly grab your fishing rod.
Fishing from pools of fish has a much higher chance of resulting in an uncommon fish than fishing from regular water squares, the chance of getting common Herrings from pools decreases as your fishing skill gets higher.
Using a rod with Fish Bait attached on pools will NOT use up bait or give increased fishing efficiency.
Northern Pikes can only be caught from regular fishing and not from pools of fish.
Fishing from pools also grants higher amounts of fishing skill points.
Pools of fish in different regions of the world may yield differing uncommon fish (Snowy, Desert, Regular).


Types of fish

Most fish types can be used for Cooking, although they can also be eaten raw, which isnt recommended since you could reap more significant benefits from cooked meals.

Note: Some types of rare fish may only be caught in certain regions or climates of the world (and with better rods), the regions being:

  • Snowy (waters around the Ice Islands, such as Mejborn and Forgula);
  • Desert (waters around desert cities, such as Osaris, Yehsha and Abukir); 
  • Regular (waters around areas with temperate climates and lots of greenery, such as the mainland of Medivia, Garrogat etc.).

Through fishing, you can obtain the following types of fish (also Broken Bottles and Worn Leather Boots):

Image Name Chance Region
RTENOTITLE Herring Abundant Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Sockeye Salmon Very-common Regular
RTENOTITLE Bluegill Common Desert
RTENOTITLE Yellow Perch Common Snowy
RTENOTITLE Lionfish Semi-rare Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Shrimp Rare Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Emerald Puffer Rare Desert
RTENOTITLE Butterfly Fish Rare Regular
RTENOTITLE Trout Rare Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Maris Rare Snowy
RTENOTITLE Dusky Batfish Rare Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Flame Angelfish Very rare Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Barbel Extremely rare Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Northern Pike Extremely rare Desert, Snowy, Regular
RTENOTITLE Goldfish Insanely rare  ???

Items you can fish up

These are the non-fish items obtainable by fishing, they can only be fished up from regular water tiles and not pools.
The chance to get broken bottles and worn leather boots decreases as your Fishing skill increases.

Image Name Chance Region
Broken Bottle.png Broken Bottle Common Desert, Snowy, Regular
Worn Leather Boots.png Worn Leather Boots Common Desert, Snowy, Regular
Ancient Amulet.gif Ancient Amulet Extremely rare Desert!, Snowy?, Regular

Aquarium & fish roes

Aquarium Large.gif

An aquarium for your house can be purchased from the Medivia Store, it can be used to grow and harvest fish by placing inside some of the various kinds of Fish Roes available from the store and Kimberly in Thoris!

A fish takes 3 hours to grow fully inside the aquarium before it can be harvested, once it's ready a fish animation will appear inside the aquarium.
Right-click the roe to select it and then left-click the aquarium to place the roe inside, later right-click to harvest.
Up to 3 fish roes can be placed inside the aquarium at one time, but only one can grow at a time, meaning that you won't get 3 fish after 3 hours but only 1 and then the 2nd fish will start growing.
You can see how many roes are placed into the aquarium by "looking" at it.

Image: Item: Price:
Sockeye Salmon Roe.png 1x Sockeye Salmon Roe 45 gp
Yellow Perch Roe.png 1x Yellow Perch Roe 125 gp
Dusky Batfish Roe.png 1x Dusky Batfish Roe 250 gp
Bluegill Roe.png 1x Bluegill Roe 300 gp
Butterfly Fish Roe.png 1x Butterfly Fish Roe 500 gp
Medivia Store
Image: Item: Price:
Maris Roe.png 50x Maris Roe 55 Medivia coins.gif
Emerald Puffer Roe.png 50x Emerald Puffer Roe 40 Medivia coins.gif
Flame Angelfish Roe.png 25x Flame Angelfish Roe 20 Medivia coins.gif
Shrimp Roe.png 50x Shrimp Roe 20 Medivia coins.gif
Lionfish Roe.png 50x Lionfish Roe 10 Medivia coins.gif
Trout Roe.png 25x Trout Roe 20 Medivia coins.gif
Barbel Roe.png 10x Barbel Roe 100 Medivia coins.gif

Fish Bait

Fish Bait Large.png
Fish bait is an item purchasable from the Medivia Store, you can get 30 pieces of bait for 35 Medivia Coins.

Fish bait can be applied in 2 possible ways (bonus cannot be stacked by combo of the 2 methods):
Mark1.png Can be used on water tiles to attract fish to a small area similar to a "fishing pool", however it does not produce rare fish all the time like naturally spawning pools, but provides a 25% fishing efficiency boost (meaning increased chances of rare fish) when fishing in that spot, it disappears after it is fished 1000 times.
Mark2.png Can be used on a fishing rod to add 1000 "fish bait" to the rod which gives you 25% increased fishing efficiency (meaning increased chances of rare fish) but only on normal water tiles, not on naturally spawning or baited "pools of fish".

Fish Bait Pool.gif