Novus Collection

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To start skinning you need to purchase a Hunter's Knife. This can be purchased at Lee'Delle for 10,000 gold.

Products from using Hunter's Knife

Picture Name Creatures Amount NPC Reward Collect Rate
Black Wool.png Black Wool Black Sheep        
blue beater.png Blue Beater Orc Spearman 200 Al Dee Blue Medivianic Tapestry 8%
Brown Troll Hair.png Brown Hair Troll       11%
elf ear.png Elf Ear Elf        
Green Troll Hair.png Green Hair Swamp Troll       10%
Minotaur Horns.png Minotaur Horn Minotaur, Minotaur Mage       5%
Patch of Orc Skin.png Patch of Orc Skin Orc        
Snake Tongue.png Snake Tongue Snake        
Spiderling Remains.png Spiderling Remains Spider, Poison Spider       13.5%
tear of nature.png
Tear of Nature Elf Arcanist       12%
White Wool.png White Wool Sheep     Northern Pike  


Other Products

Picture Name Creatures Amount NPC Reward Collect Rate Note
Minotaur Hoof.png Minotaur Hoof Minotaur, Minotaur Mage       0.2% Dropped as regular loot