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Task Icon 1.png Hunter's Guild Tasks Task Icon 1.png

Hunter's guild tasks can be accepted through the in-game task interface which you can access by clicking the task button in the top left part of your game screen. Task Icon.png

  • You can only have 1 task from the Hunter's Guild active at one time (along with 1 from each Faction and 1 from Tylar).
  • You can cancel a task but then you will lose any progress made on it.
  • Money tasks require you to have premium and level 15 to accept.
  • Hunter's Guild tasks can also be accepted from task NPCs in the mainland cities as well as Garrogat, Yehsha and Osaris.
Experience Tasks Money Tasks Item Tasks
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Tylar Tasks

Tylar tasks can only be accepted from NPC Tylar in Abukir, not through the in-game task interface.

Tylar Tasks