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Mining is one of the skills which Medivia offers alongside the likes of Fishing and Cooking. It does not have a direct impact on your gameplay, although it can result in long-term benefits and enjoyment.

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Getting Started

  • To start mining, buy an Advanced Pick from any general goods store for 400 gold.
  • In order to have Grazlin forge you any items, you must first complete the first mission of the Dwarven Faction.
  • In order to have Grazlin forge you an epic item, you must complete the entire Dwarven Faction.
  • You can increase your Mining skill by either mining ore from rocks or smelting ores into bars.


As with all other skills, all characters start out with the Mining skill of 10. At this point you will only be able to mine Copper Ore. Keep in mind that if you lack the required skill to mine an ore, your character will continuously "poof" and never succeed in obtaining the ore.  Even with Mining skill 80, you can still "poof" several times on even the simplest ores such as Copper and Silver.

The rarer ores become, the more skill they grant you when mining and smelting. Copper, Silver, and Phenakite, however, all give the same amount.

NOTE: All ores have a random respawn timer, anywhere between 1 second and 3 or 4 hours (possibly longer). It seems higher tier ores may take longer to respawn on average, though they can still respawn very quickly.

For a list of known ore locations, click Ore Locations.
Image Mining Level Ore Rarity General Locations
Copper ore.gif 10 Copper Ore Common Found all over the map, typically in not very dangerous places.
Silver ore.gif 15 Silver Ore Common Found all over the map, typically in not very dangerous places.
Phenakite Ores.gif 20 Phenakite Ore Common Found all over the map, often near and in caves.
Chalcopyrite Ore.gif 25 Chalcopyrite Ore Uncommon Found in deeper Forgula.
Vanadinite Ore.gif 30 Vanadinite Ore Uncommon Found near monsters of Dragon or Ancient Scarab difficulty.
Bornite Ore.gif 35 Bornite Ore Semi Rare Found in deeper Forgula.
Wolframite Ore.gif 40 Wolframite Ore Very Rare Found deep in caves. Coldridge, Forgula, Shakir.
Gold Ore.gif 45 Gold Ore Semi Rare Found in Garrogat Giant Spider Pit and Yehsha Dragons.
Carnotite Ore.gif 50 Carnotite Ore Very Rare Found near Dragon Lords.
Heliodor Ore.gif 60 Heliodor Ore Extremely Rare Found in Catacombs.
Meteorite Ore.gif 70 Meteorite Ore Extremely Rare Found in the mountains of Medivia, only during a raid.
Hellstone Ore.gif 85 Hellstone Ore Extremely Rare Found in a few places inside Sheol.

Please note that these ores are not limited to these locations, there are hundreds of ore veins across Medivia for you to explore and find. Try asking experienced miners to shed some light on specific ore veins if you happen to require them.

Image Pick Ores Harvested Cost
Advanced pickaxe.png Advanced Pick 1 400 gp
Modified pick.png Modified Pick 1-2 Advanced Pick, 15 Copper Bars, 10 Silver Bars, 8 Phenakite Bars, and 5 Chalcopyrite Bars
Enhanced pickaxe.png Enhanced Pick 1-3 Modified Pick, 10 Vanadinite Bars, 7 Bornite Bars, and 5 Wolframite Bars
Golden pickaxe.png Golden Pick 1-5 Enhanced Pick, 5 Gold Bars, 2 Carnotite Bars, and 1 Heliodore Bar
Meteorite Pick.png Meteorite Pick 1-5 Golden Pick, 50 Meteorite Bars, and 1 Meteorite Fragment
  • You will obtain 1 ore with an advanced pick.
  • You will obtain 1-2 ores with a modified pick.
  • You will obtain 1-3 ores with an enhanced pick.
  • You will obtain 1-5 ores with a gold pick.
  • You will take 1-5 ores in the first try with a meteorite pick.


In order to smelt ores into bars you must go to Grazlin's forge in Mittenhoff or the forge in Cirone. There is also a Home Forge which can be placed in your house, obtainable at random only from the Mystery Box, purchasable from the Medivia Store.
No mining skill is required to smelt ore, anyone can smelt any bar, making smelting a good way to boost mining at low skills, even if it does give less skill progress than actual mining.
Use the ores you have collected on the smelter to create bars (5 ore = 1 bar). Depending on how high your mining skill is (seems it needs to be AT LEAST as high as the skill to mine it), you will have a chance to smelt 2 bars out of 5 ores instead of just 1, the higher your skill is, the higher chance to get double bars from a certain type of ore.


If you have completed the first mission of The Dwarf Faction, you will be able to have Grazlin craft certain items out of the bars you give him.

The Great and Meteorite items, Golden Boots and Golden Mace can only be crafted once you complete The Dwarf Faction.

Note: The following table lists the items by using the highest-rated ore in its requirement, starting with Copper as the lowest rated and ending with Heliodor as the highest. This list will not be in an economical order, but depending on what types of bars it requires.

Ore Item Price
Copper ore.gif Copper Bar Copper Bar.gif
Brass helmet.png Brass Helmet 1 Copper Bar
Brass shield.png Brass Shield 1 Copper Bar
Sword.png Sword 1 Copper Bar
Katana.png Katana 1 Copper Bar
Axe.png Axe 1 Copper Bar
Iron Hammer.png Iron Hammer 1 Copper Bar
Copper shield.png Copper Shield 2 Copper Bars
Brass legs.png Brass Legs 2 Copper Bars
Silver ore.gif Silver Bar Silver Bar.gif
Chain helmet.png Chain Helmet 1 Silver Bar
Chain legs.png Chain Legs 1 Silver Bar
Viking helmet.png Viking Helmet 1 Silver Bar, 1 Copper Bar
Brass armor.png Brass Armor 1 Silver Bar, 3 Copper Bars
Legion helmet.png Legion Helmet 2 Silver Bars
Chain armor.png Chain Armor 2 Silver Bars
Scale armor.png Scale Armor 3 Silver Bars
Phenakite Ores.gif Phenakite Bar Phenakite Bar.gif
Longsword.png Longsword 1 Phenakite Bar
Plate shield.png Plate Shield 1 Phenakite Bar
Soldier helmet.png Soldier Helmet 1 Phenakite Bar
Viking shield.png Viking Shield 1 Phenakite Bar, 1 Silver Bar
Plate legs.png Plate Legs 1 Phenakite Bar, 2 Silver Bars
Iron helmet.png Iron Helmet 1 Phenakite Bar, 2 Silver Bars, 1 Copper Bar
Double axe.png Double Axe 5 Phenakite Bars
Two handed sword.png Two Handed Sword 6 Phenakite Bars, 4 Copper Bars
Chalcopyrite Ore.gif Chalcopyrite Bar Chalcopyrite Bar.gif
Steel shield.png Steel Shield 1 Chalcopyrite Bar
Battle axe.png Battle Axe 1 Chalcopyrite Bar
Clerical mace.png Clerical Mace 2 Chalcopyrite Bars
Dwarven axe.png Dwarven Axe 10 Chalcopyrite Bars
Spike sword.png Spike Sword 10 Chalcopyrite Bars, 3 Phenakite Bars
Vanadinite Ore.gif Vanadinite Bar Vanadinite Bar.gif
50x Piercing Arrow.gif Piercing Arrow 5 Vanadinite Bar
40x Piercing Bolt.gif Piercing Bolt 5 Vanadinite Bar
Morning star.png Morning Star 1 Vanadinite Bar
Battle shield.png Battle Shield 1 Vanadinite Bar
Dark helmet.png Dark Helmet 1 Vanadinite Bar, 1 Phenakite Bar, 3 Silver Bars
Dark shield.png Dark Shield 2 Vanadinite Bars
Plate armor.png Plate Armor 2 Vanadinite Bars, 1 Chalcopyrite Bar, 2 Phenakite Bars
Bornite Ore.gif Bornite Bar Bornite Bar.gif
Steel helmet.png Steel Helmet 2 Bornite Bars
Wolframite Ore.gif Wolframite Bar Wolframite Bar.gif
Dark armor.png Dark Armor 1 Wolframite Bar, 1 Bornite Bar, 2 Silver Bars
Devil helmet.png Devil Helmet 2 Wolframite Bars. 2 Bornite Bars, 2 Chalcopyrite Bars, 3 Phenakite Bars
Guardian shield.png Guardian Shield 10 Wolframite Bars
Knight axe.png Knight Axe 10 Wolframite Bars
Gold Ore.gif Gold Bar Gold Bar.gif
Crown helmet.png Crown Helmet 2 Gold Bars, 2 Wolframite Bars, 10 Vanadinite Bars
Bright sword.png Bright Sword 4 Gold Bars, 10 Wolframite Bars, 10 Bornite Bars, 30 Chalcopyrite Bars
Golden staff.png Golden Staff 40 Gold Bars
Golden mace.png Golden Mace 2000 Gold Bars, 1000 Carnotite Bars
Carnotite Ore.gif Carnotite Bar Carnotite Bar.gif
War hammer.png War Hammer 1 Carnotite Bar
Warrior helmet.png Warrior Helmet 1 Carnotite Bar, 1 Gold Bar, 10 Vanadite Bars, 10 Chalcopyrite Bars
Imperial Soldier Shield.png Imperial Soldier Shield 2 Carnotite Bars, 6 Gold Bars, 10 Vanadinite Bars
Knight legs.png Knight Legs 2 Carnotite Bars, 6 Wolframite Bars, 10 Bornite Bars, 5 Vanadite Bars
Knight armor.png Knight Armor 3 Carnotite Bars, 5 Wolframite Bars, 6 Bornite Bars
Crusader helmet.png Crusader Helmet 3 Carnotite Bars, 10 Wolframite Bars, 3 Bornite Bars, 10 Chalcopyrite Bars
Imperial Soldier Armor.png Imperial Soldier Armor 4 Carnotite Bars, 10 Bornite Bars
Swinging Demolisher.png Swinging Demolisher 10 Carnotite Bars, 10 Gold Bars
Heliodor Ore.gif Heliodor Bar Heliodor Bar.gif
Tower shield.png Tower Shield 1 Heliodor Bar
Crown armor.png Crown Armor 1 Heliodor Bar, 3 Gold Bars
Crown legs.png Crown Legs 1 Heliodor Bar, 3 Gold Bars, 5 Vanadinite Bars
Giant sword.png Giant Sword 1 Heliodor Bar, 3 Carnotite Bars, 20 Wolframite Bars
Silver Mace.png Silver Mace 2 Heliodor Bars, 5 Carnotite Bars, 20 Wolframite Bars, 30 Bornite Bars
Bascinet.png Bascinet 2 Heliodor Bars, 10 Vanadinite Bars, 10 Phenakite Bars, 20 Silver Bars, 20 Copper Bars
Imperial Soldier Legs.png Imperial Soldier Legs 2 Heliodor Bars, 2 Phenakite Bars, 10 Silver Bars
Royal helmet.png Royal Helmet 3 Heliodor Bars, 1 Gold Bar, 5 Silver Bars
Royal Plate Armor NEW.png Royal Plate Armor 3 Heliodor Bars, 5 Carnotite Bars, 10 Wolframite Bars, 10 Bornite Bars
Heavy Halberd.png Heavy Halberd 4 Heliodor Bars, 10 Carnotite Bars
Golden legs.png Golden Legs 5 Heliodor Bars, 80 Gold Bars, 15 Carnotite Bars
Golden boots.png Golden Boots 250 Heliodor Bars, 500 Carnotite Bars, 3500 Gold Bars, 400 Bornite Bars
Great Quiver.png Great Quiver 400 Heliodor Bars, 800 Wolframite Bars
Great axe.png Great Axe 500 Heliodor Bars, 1500 Wolframite Bars
Great Longsword.png Great Longsword 500 Heliodor Bars, 1500 Wolframite Bars
Great Mace.png Great Mace 500 Heliodor Bars, 1500 Wolframite Bars
Great Staff.gif Great Staff 500 Heliodor Bars, 1500 Wolframite Bars
Meteorite Ore.gif Meteorite Bar Meteorite Bar.gif
29701.png Meteorite Axe 1200 Meteorite Bars
Meteorite Crossbow.png Meteorite Crossbow 1200 Meteorite Bars
Meteorite Hammer.png Meteorite Hammer 1200 Meteorite Bars
6887.png Meteorite Sword 1200 Meteorite Bars
Meteorite Wand.png Meteorite Wand 1200 Meteorite Bars

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