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Sheol is known as the realm of demons, a world which they invaded, ripped apart and tore out of the hands of its original inhabitants, the watchers, thus causing their exodus into the world of Medivia. Now, the demonic hosts have their sights set on Medivia itself and are mustering their forces for an inevitable assault. Your task is to fight the scourge of Baalerun in the Demonic Faction.

Demon Head.png The Demonic Faction


Sheol Hunting Places

Image: Name: Creatures: Location:
Blue Fungi.png Fungi Spawn Blue Fungi.png [ here]
Bedsore.png Bedsore Lair Bedsore.png Nightmare.png [ here]
Skeleton Warlord.png Skeleton Warlord Hell Skeleton Warlord.png Undead Titan.png Skeleton Mage.png here
Gorgon.png Sheol Gorgon Spawn Gorgon.png [ here]
Black Widow.png Black Widow Nest Black Widow.png here
Blasphemer.png Sheol Elevator Blasphemer.png Ashlord.png Black Widow.png Deranger.png here
Blood Witch.png North Blood Witch Spawn Blood Witch.png Chaos Fiend.png Black Widow.png Animated Blood.gif Deranger.png here
Blood Witch.png South Blood Witch Spawn Blood Witch.png Chaos Fiend.png Deranger.png Animated Blood.gif here
Blasphemer.png Torem's Court Blasphemer.png Cursed Skull (Creature).gif Soulless.png Bedsore.png Incidamus.png Ashlord.png Corruptor.png here
Ashlord.png Ashlord Volcano Ashlord.png Cerberus.png Giant Fire Elemental.gif here
Demorc.png Demorc Entrance Spawn Demorc.png Demorc Brute.png here
Demorc Warchief.png Demorc Main Spawn Demorc.png Demorc Brute.png Demorc Warchief.png Huntsman Spider.png here
Incidamus.png Drowner's Lake Incidamus.png Shade.png Check route from Drowner's Lake
Deranger.png Deranger Cave Deranger.png [ here]
Incidamus.png Corruptor Hell Entrance Incidamus.png Ashlord.png Soulless.png here
Corruptor.png Corruptor Hell Corruptor.png Ashlord.png Nightmare.png Shade.png here
Venerator.png Sheol Library Venerator.png Bookwarden.png Blasphemer.png Cursed Skull (Creature).gif here
Shadow Phoenix.png Shadow Phoenix Spawn Shadow Phoenix.png [ here]
Typhon.png Typhon Island Typhon.png [ here]
Typhon.png Triple Typhon Spawn Typhon.png here
Cerberus.png Cerberus Hell Cerberus.png here
Flamebringer.png Flamebringer Hell Flamebringer.png Succubus.png Cerberus.png Hellion.png here
Dreadlord.png Triple Dreadlord Spawn Dreadlord.png Giant Fire Elemental.gif here
Dreadlord.png Dreadlord Citadel Dreadlord.png [ here]
Chaos Hydra.png Chaos Hydra Lair Chaos Hydra.png Blasphemer.png Soulless.png here

Sheol Creatures

Image: Name: Experience: Hitpoints:
Possessed Chicken.png Possessed Chicken ? Exp ? HP
Plagueworm.png Plagueworm 0 Exp 1000 HP
Armored Skeleton.png Armored Skeleton 70 Exp 50 HP
Grey Ghost.gif Ghost 240 Exp 150 HP
Hellish Skeleton.png Hellish Skeleton 360 Exp 250 HP
Armored Hellish Skeleton.png Armored Hellish Skeleton 500 Exp 380 HP
RTENOTITLE Ash Imp 500 Exp 400 HP
Swamp Leech.png Swamp Leech 580 Exp 375 HP
Slime (Grey).gif Slime 620 Exp 450 HP
Blue Fungi2.png Blue Fungling 800 Exp 650 HP
Skeleton Mage.png Skeleton Mage 1800 Exp 800 HP
Soulless.png Soulless 2800 Exp 1850 HP
Giant Fire Elemental.gif Hellfire 0 Exp 7600 HP
Demorc.png Demorc 6400 Exp 6300 HP
Blue Fungi.png Blue Fungi 6600 Exp 4000 HP
Cursed Skull (Creature).gif Cursed Skull 7200 Exp 6000 HP
Hellion.png Hellion 7300 Exp 5650 HP
Shade.png Shade 7700 Exp 6200 HP
Deranger.png Deranger 8200 Exp 5750 HP
Bedsore.png Bedsore 8800 Exp 5800 HP
Black Widow.png Black Widow 9600 Exp ? HP
Skeleton Warlord.png Skeleton Warlord 10300 Exp 7300 HP
RTENOTITLE Bookwarden 11720 Exp 9800 HP
Demorc Brute.png Demorc Brute 12000 Exp 10800 HP
Blood Witch.png Blood Witch 13000 Exp 9400 HP
Cerberus.png Cerberus 14600 Exp 12200 HP
RTENOTITLE Blasphemer 16400 Exp 12000 HP
Succubus.png Succubus 19600 Exp 18000 HP
RTENOTITLE Ashlord 21300 Exp 14800 HP
Demorc Warchief.png Demorc Warchief 22000 Exp 15515 HP
Venerator.png Venerator 24510 Exp 16750 HP
Zarguth.png Incidamus 28500 Exp 18600 HP
Flamebringer.png Flamebringer 33600 Exp 28000 HP
Typhon.png Typhon 39900 Exp 31550 HP
Shadow Phoenix.png Shadow Phoenix 40350 Exp 48000 HP
Corruptor.png Corruptor 35700 Exp 33500 HP
Thor'garak.png Dreadlord 47100 Exp 37000 HP
Chaos Hydra.png Chaos Hydra 170000 Exp 350000 HP

Sheol Bosses

Image: Name: Experience: Hitpoints:
RTENOTITLE Zarguth ? Exp ? HP
RTENOTITLE Belrekath ? Exp ? HP
RTENOTITLE Velranos ? Exp ? HP
RTENOTITLE Qyreva ? Exp ? HP
RTENOTITLE Ozgalluch ? Exp ? HP
RTENOTITLE Tagthoder ? Exp ? HP
RTENOTITLE Jaenira ? Exp ? HP
RTENOTITLE Delora Sanguis ? Exp ? HP

Sheol NPCs

Image: Name: Job:
Malran, the guard DemonicFactionIcon.png
Malran, the guard Guard of Zarrith
Troggon, the guard DemonicFactionIcon.png
Troggon, the guard Guard of Zarrith
Duganes, the guard DemonicFactionIcon.png
Duganes, the guard Guard of Zarrith
Urgaris, the guard DemonicFactionIcon.png
Urgaris, the guard Guard of Zarrith
Arbiter Kerrin DemonicFactionIcon.png
Arbiter Kerrin Arbiter, Watcher Resistance Leader
Drolgruth MerchantIcon.png
Drolgruth Rare Item Merchant
Oarus ?
Molgorth ?