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Heart.png Hit Points: 10200
Xp.png Experience: 14600
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-550~), 1-3x Fire Spit (200-400? per spit), 1-3x Fire Wave (300-600? per wave), Three-headed Bite (500-600? to 3 tiles in front, announced 2 seconds before)
Push Objects:✔️
Est. Max Damage:2800+? HP per turn
Immune To:Fire, ?
Neutral To:Physical, Energy, Ice, Holy, ?
Task:1000 (Demonic Faction)
Loot:0-200 Gold Coin, 0-5 Small Ruby, Broad Sword, Crown Helmet, 0-10 Burst Arrow (semi-rare), 0-3 Polished Ruby (semi-rare), Fireweaver (semi-rare), Fire Sword (semi-rare), Fire Axe (semi-rare), Light Armor (rare), Fire Hammer (rare), Emberwake Tunic (very rare), Deepshadow Amulet (extremely rare)
Loot from 1000 kills on Legacy: 607 broad swords, 145 small rubies, 92 crown helmets, 66 polished rubies, 37 fireweavers, 32 fire swords, 20 fire axes, 13 light armors, 14 fire hammers, 1 emberwake tunic.
Skinnable:Cerberus Head.png Cerberus Head with Skinpeeler.png (10%)

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