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Heart.png Hit Points: 12200
Xp.png Experience: 14600
Summon.png Summon: --
Convince.png Convince: --
Abilities:Melee (0-550~), 1-3x Fire Spit (200-400~ per spit), 1-3x Fire Wave (300-600~ per wave), Three-headed Bite (500-600~ to 3 tiles in front, announced 2 seconds before)
Push Objects:✔️
Est. Max Damage:2000+? HP per turn
Immune To:Fire, ?
Neutral To:Physical, Energy, Ice, Holy, ?
Task:1000 (Demonic Faction)
Strategy:These are comparable to Chimeras somewhat stronger, they can surprise you with fire damage combos because each of their heads can attack "invidually". Make sure to wear an Amulet of the Elements and some fire resistance equipment if you have it. Druids and archers can hunt these solo without too much trouble, especially on level 400+. Mages can solo them as well but they need to be more careful. Knights can use a two-handed weapon with ice or explos to solo them. Alternatively they can be killed 3 by 3 with explos or a mage beaming.
Loot:0-100 Gold Coin, 0-5 Small Ruby, Broad Sword, Crown Helmet, 0-10 Burst Arrow (semi-rare), 0-3 Polished Ruby (semi-rare), Fireweaver (semi-rare), Fire Sword (semi-rare), Fire Axe (semi-rare), Light Armor (rare), Fire Hammer (rare), Emberwake Tunic (extremely rare), Deepshadow Amulet (extremely rare)

Loot from 3984 kills* on Legacy: ~198k gold coins, a few hundred bursts, 2419 broad swords, 598 small rubies, 374 crown helmets, 293 polished rubies, 137 fireweavers, 129 fire swords, 87 fire axes, 51 light armors, 56 fire hammers, 6 emberwake tunics, 1 deepshadow amulet

*Loot chances changed and average loot value was reduced by 13%.
Skinnable:Cerberus Head.png Cerberus Head with Skinpeeler.png (10%)
Location:Cerberus Lair, Flamebringer Hell and Ashlord Volcano

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