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List of current developers:
Name Position Languages
Iryont Owner of Medivia English, C++, C#, Python, Java (...)
Saphron Graphic Artist & Lore Writer English, Polish
Tails Enforcer of Rule Violation Sanctions English, Portuguese
Xuna Map Developer & Community Manager English, Dutch
Eldrin Game Content Designer English, Polish

Developers are the people that work on the game development team.
Each of them has their own roles and jobs.

List of current tutors:
Name World Position Languages Info
Community Effort Pendulum Senior Tutor English
Saelvas Saelvius Legacy Senior Tutor English, Croatian Alt Char - Saedhros
Link Destiny Tutor English, Portuguese
Mayfeld Legacy Tutor English, Portuguese aka Chief

Tutors are players with special benefits, but they are NOT part of staff. Tutors are the people you should ask for help if you have any questions or if you find yourself in any difficult situations, but they are NOT forced to assist you.
Tutor Male Outfit.png

List of former tutors and developers:

May your deeds never be forgotten, you were and still are part of Medivia

Name Info
Madragor Former GM
Theta Former GM
Siegriel Wrote small bit of lore for mainland update
Doyle Former CM (deleted for abusing admin position)
Shiva Shadowsong Former developer
Kelarn Former content developer
Avyssus Former tutor
Le'mon Former tutor
Sulwyn Former tutor
Verticordia Former tutor
Smokey Former tutor
Calliope Former tutor
Au's Former tutor
Xyderax Former tutor
Reinhard/Banderol/Vizashiro Former tutor
Kopek Former tutor
Breaker Former tutor
He'aler Former tutor
Lortsa Former tutor
Varas Former tutor
Skottskadad Former tutor (deleted for abusing tutor position)
Alvah Kazer Former tutor
Twin'bro Former tutor
Farrk Farrk

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