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  • Only Premium Account characters can rent houses
  • To rent any property level required is 25 or above
  • There is no limit on house amount for each account
  • You will be the owner of your house until you lose premium status or don't have money for rent in Depot
  • If you're wanting to know information about each individual house, follow the link to Medivia's website Houses


  • Controlling all permissions of the house (Door rights, Owners rights and Entry rights)
  • Infinite Storage (Items can be stacked anywhere, any amount of times)
  • Level 50s and above can sleep in beds (There is a level requirement of 50 for beds)
  • You can show off all your precious items without the worry of people stealing them or trashing them (Like Depot trashing)
  • You own a private Protection Zone that can be used in case of being attacked
  • Making money by selling a House, Shop or Guildhall isn't hard (You can rent or sell your House to someone)
  • You can show people how well you can decorate places!

Getting A House

There are two methods of buying a house. The first method is if you are buying an ordinary house, one that was always on Medivia. The second method is used if you are purchasing a VIP house.

Normal Houses

The first method requires you to login to Then you go to the Community Tab and then to the Houses section. Once in the Houses section you click on the Dropdown menu and choose the city that you wish to look into for houses. Once you have found a good home for you, click into the House of your choice and you will see a Bid display. Choose the character you wish to bid on the house and then select a number that you would pay as a maximum offer for the house. After that the auction timer will start and you will have to wait the specified time, ranging from 1 up to 6 days of waiting time.

VIP Houses

The second method is if you are purchasing a VIP House. These houses are different to ordinary houses as they require Medivia Coins to be purchased. Once you have the required amount of Medivia Coins you can go to any of the doors or walls of the desired house and type !buyhouse. Keep in mind that you will still have to pay the monthly rent in gold for VIP houses. When you first buy a house, make sure you have money in the corresponding city's depot BEFORE the next server save.

How Do I Pay Rent & Bids?

Paying rent & is a very simple concept, although I know from experience that it is a little scary when you begin because you don't want to lose your house. All you have to do is have the correct amount of money that the rent is (Or higher) in your Depot. Let's look at an example:

I bid 5,000 gold to buy a House with a monthly rent cost of 1,000 gold. I put 6,500 gold into my Depot and when it comes time for the rent, 6,000 gold is automatically taken away leaving 500 gold in my depot (1,000 from the rent and 5,000 from the bid) and I have another month until the next rent.


Note: Keep in mind that bidding without enough money in the DEPOT OF THE CITY THAT HOUSE IS IN will lead to a 2 day banishment of the character.

How the Bidding System Works



  • Highest bidder - The person who currently has the highest bid.
  • Challenger - Someone who is bidding against the current highest bidder.
  • Current Bid - What is currently seen by players as the highest bid so far.
  • Current Maximum - How high the current bidder is willing to pay as a maximum. This is not shown publicly.
  • Challenger Maximum - How high the new bidder is willing to pay up to.


  1. Auctions go for 7 days
  2. First bids begin at 10gp
  3. Bid Offers:
    1. If the challenger's maximum is higher than the current maximum, the new bid will go to the challenger. The amount will be the old maximum + 10gp.
    2. If the challenger's maximum is lower than the current maximum, the current bid will increase to the challenger's maximum +10gp.

Bill bids with a 10,000gp maximum on a house as the first bidder, raising the current bid from 0gp to 10gp. Robert now bids 12,000 on the same house. As the new bid is higher, Robert is now the highest bidder and the current bid will be shown as 10,010 gp.
Jeff bids with a 45,000 maximum on a house, beating Jake who had a 15,000 bid on the house. This raises the bid from 10gp to 15,010gp. Louis now bids 35,000 hoping to beat Jeff's bid. Unfortunately, Jeff had a higher maximum and will maintain his authority as top bidder on the house. The current bid will now increase from 15,010gp to 35,010gp.

NOTE: The same player can bid on the same house, and the system acts as if it's a new player. This means that if you bid 60k and then bid 100k, the new current bid will change from 10gp to 60,010gp with a new maximum of 100,000gp.

Paying Rent in Novus
In order to pay the rent for houses in Novus you must be in mainland and send a parcel to the house owner in Novus

For Example. Ma'ngo owns Ziyad's Hut 2 which has a rent cost of 500 gold. Le'mon who is in mainland would send Ma'ngo in Novus 500 gold (or more) each month to pay for the rent.

Note #1: If you do not pay the rent, you will be given 7 days to pay before you lose ownership of the House and your items will be automatically put into your Depot.
Note #2: You must pay the bid the same server save that the auction ends. Then you have 7 days to pay the first rent, although it's every 30 days to pay rent after the first time, although you have an additional 7 days if you do not pay the rent on time.

How Do I Leave / Sell My House?

You can leave or sell your House at anytime you feel like it.

To leave your house simply say !leavehouse and all of your items will be teleported to your Depot that is in that city (Carlin house will get its items teleported to Carlin depot). But beware as you can use this command at anytime, anywhere so it's best not to use it on a practice while you have possession of a house.

To sell your house just say !''sellhouse <Player Name>and a trade will be made between you and another player where your side is a document. A common misconception among players is that you have to be near or inside of your house when selling it, although this is wrong. Trading a house can happen anywhere, so it's good to be in a safer environment such as a Depot.
In the following example, Le'mon typed in
!sellhouse Nina Impressionwhile standing near the player. Nina Impression decided that a Rope was worth the house.

 You should always check the item you're being traded, you might be being scammed with a document instead of a house bill.

House Rights

The owner of a House will always have access to every room and every door in the House, Shop or Guildhall as long as they do not sell or leave the House. There are three House Rights Spells (And another for kicking players out) that are:


  • Atatio Par

For editing the Guest List (List of people who can come into the House)

  • Atatio Som

For editing the Sub-Owners List (List of people who have the ability to edit the Guest List and kick Players out of the House)

  • Atatio Mer

For editing the Door Access (While looking at a door, use this spell and anyone who you put into that list will be able to open that door)

  • Attar Par "NAME"

When used, will automatically teleport that player to the entry (outside) of the House. Beware as they can still come inside so it is wise to use the Attar Par spell if someone is doing something wrong: after removing their name from the list they are immediately teleported out.