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Events are world-changes and/or meetingscreated for the purpose of enjoyment for/by the community. They can be organized by players or by the Medivia Staff.

Official Events

Changes after update 7.00 (December 2023):

  • When increased rates event starts, vouchers will be distributed to everyone.
  • Vouchers can be spent to activate additional boosts for a limited time when event is active.
  • Vouchers will reset and boosts will end when increased rates event ends.
  • Only one voucher boost can be active at the time and each boost costs one voucher.
  • There are currently 4 types of boosts:
    • Experience boost (100%, 60 minutes)
    • Spawn rate (50%, 60 minutes)
    • Skills (100%, 180 minutes)
    • Magic (100%, 50.000 mana spent).

Official Events are events held by the Medivia Staff. They begin on every world simultaneously and are available for all players to participate in.
Holiday themed official events generally include world-changes such as new areas and decorated cities.
Some events introduce raids, creatures and items only available during the event. Their durations depend on ComadSoft (the Medivia development team).

Currently existing official Medivia events:

Name Date Notes

Halloween Event

~October - November~ The coffin that theFace of Decay is buried in deep below the ghostlands magically unlocks due to a powerful curse.

Christmas Event

December 17th - January 7th Mrs. Claus needs your help to defeat the vile goblins, break the spell on Santa and save Christmas!

Anniversary Event

August Help Lorraine bake a cake for Medivia's anniversary for the whole world to celebrate!

Isingoma Event

Sometime in September usually Once every few centuries Isingoma's soul rebuilds the wreck of his body to roam the deserts and wreak havoc. Isingoma aspires to avenge his own death.

Events can also be held by the players (in-game community), such as:

  • Lotteries
  • Giveaways
  • Quizzes
  • and more...

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