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The Novus Library is situated in the Royal Medivia Adventurers' Academy in the centre of the town, here.

The Library is looked after by Seymour, who is the Headmaster of the Academy.

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List of Books
Picture Name #
Book (Dark Brown).gif "Dungeon Survival Guide" 9
Don't explore the dungeons before you tested your skills in the training cellars of our academy. You will find dungeons somewhere in the wilderness.
Don't enter dungeons without equipment. Especially a rope and a shovel will prove valuable. Make sure you have a supply of torches with you, while wandering into the unknown.
It's wise to travel the dungeons in groups and not alone. For more help read all the books of the academy before you begin exploring.
Traveling in the dungeons will reward the cautious and brave, but punish the reckless.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "Magic" 8
There are two kinds of spells: rune-spells, and spontaneous spells.
Rune-spells are cast on blank runestones and some mana is used up in this proces. This stones can easily be carried around and store the specific spell. It can be used at any time, and only some require further investment of mana.
Spontaneous spells are cased in the heartbeat they are needed and take effect instantly. Most of these spells are spells of healing but some of them are agressive and some even have more astonishing effectes, as invisibility, illusionary shapechage etc.
Book (Dark Brown).gif Most monsters are... 3
Most monsters are far more dangerous when you're attacked by more of them. Keep in mind that you can defend only one opponent at a time. Use this to your advantage and attack single monsters with help of other heroes. Don't get sourrounded by monsters, that might be your death even if the monsters are not that powerful.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "My Travels" 6
As the orcs approached I've hidden myself in the bushes near the lake. I did hardly dare to breath as they met only some inches from my nose. I thought my wild beating heart might betray me to this murderous beasts.
I overheared the greenskined brutes. 'charach' (or so) one said and the other responded the same way, then they began to chat in their strange language, certainly talking about some gruesome plot against mankind. Talking they wandered away and after they vanished from my view I quickly got up and headed to Thais as fast as I could.
Book (Dark Brown).gif Once upon a time... 3
Once upon a time there was a little gnome.
And as all gnomes he was a treacherous, greedy coward (and that's pretty treacherous, greedy and cowardish). One day in the middle of a deep forest the little gnome met a little girl wearing a pretty red cap. As the greedy gnome saw that she was carrying a bag full of finest bread and a flask of wine, he pretended to be starving and begged the little girl for food and water in a way anoying as only gnomes can be (and that's pretty anoying). But the girl was warned of treacherous gnomes by a valiant huntsman she met before and she quickly ran away from the greedy little gnome. The gnome became angry but was afraid to steal from her, because she might have been stronger than him. So he wandered into the woods cursing as only gnomes can curse (and that's pretty ugly). By chance he almost stumbled over a sleeping bard. Quickly figuring out the magical nature of the flute lying near the sleeping bard, he stole it as quickly as only a gnome can do (and that's pretty quick). Using the magic flute he lured a pack of wolves to the little girls grandmas house and let the beasts chase both into the wilderness and laughed wickedly as only gnomes can laugh (and that's pretty wicked). Laughing the gnome gulped the wine and swallowed the bread as fast as only gnomes can (and that's pretty fast). So he lived in the woods and molested squirrels happily ever after.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Birth of the Elements BOOK FOUR" 1
Fardos connected himself with air, and its child was called Nornur, fate. Nornur envied the brother Crunor because of his shape, as he was hardly more than wind and nebulae, and he asked he brother for assistance in creating a shape for him. But no matter how hard the brothers tried, Nornur couldn't appear to be much more than a shadow of a ghost.
Thus Nornur decided to create creatures in order to reveal himself. Thus the spiders came into the world, which are able to web their ghostlike spiderwebs, which copy Nornurs shape, and thus praise and honor him.
Also Uman and Sula, the sea, found together, and they conceived Bastesh, the unfathomable one. She was exceedingly beautiful, and the Godly were astonished. But Fafnar, the sun, looked upon all this beauty full of envy! When the newly born Bastesh looked up to her, she attacked her with fiery claws in the face and scratched it dreadfully. Probably Bastesh would not have survived the attack of her sister, had not the other Gods hurriedly come to help and driven away the ravishing Fafnar.
Bastesh however was frightened and disfigured. Full of fear she fled into the embrace of her mother Sula. In the depths of the seas the unfathomable one hides herself since that time, and little is known about her and her workings. Only the fact that the sea has been populated since that time by numerous creatures, may tell us that Bastesh seems to create these in the depth. In addition it is said that since that time the water of the seas is salty from the tears, which the disfigured Bastesh sheds out of anguish and pain.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Citys of the Continent" 7
Vilias is a small village on an isle southwest of the mainland. Its under the rulership of the Thais monarchy. Its rumored that beneath this isle are caves and dungeons of unknown but certainly ancient origin.
On the mainland is the city of Thais, ruled by the wise and just King Medivus. His explorers found the new soulvortex on this isle and build this base to protect and train the incoming heroes.
In the far northwest is the city of Carlin, that is ruled by amazons. The stuborn so called queen refuses to accept the rulership of the Thais monarchy over the whole continent.
At the great bay, east of Thais lies a rotten town of criminals. Little is known about it and only the most ruthles people even think about travelling there.
The dwarfen town, north of mount sternum, the central Medivia mountain massive, is the home of the Medivia dwarfs. If you are looking for smiths of unparraleled skill you should travel there.
Farer north, at the northern shores you find the elven city of Ab'Dendriel. There live the elves, masters of nature and masterhunters.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Clerics" 9
Clerics conenctrate on the magics of nature and acquire great healing powers. They also adept in the use of some offensive and protective spells.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Creation of Humans BOOK THREE" 4
All this however could not turn the war luck against the dark hordes. Whereever Banor appeared personally to lead the armies of humans, they triumphed, but on the other battlegrounds they were too often crushed by the dark crowds.
Thus Banor asked the gods to help him and the gods in their infinite wisdom created the portal of the souls. By means this mystic of gate souls from planes of existence far, far away of Medivia could be called in order to assume the shape of heroes.
With these champions as leaders the humans turned the tables in the great war. They alone under all the mortals had the possibility of becoming similar to Banor, uniting power and cunning. Thus the hordes of undead and their terrible leaders were slowly but inexorably overwhelmed.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The First Creatures BOOK TWO" 10
Brog however laughed over the dragon, which he had create, because he roamed over Medivia and was a terror to the few other creatures. Brog was fascinated by this created being and its terrible children, although they showed him neither loyalty nor respect. Thus Brog created further life, imitiating his shape, in order to please him, and so the cyclops entered the world.
Zathroth however was angered, because he thought the cyclos stupid and awkward. Too little trouble did they spread in the world, because they quarried in Medivia for metals and enjoyed to process it with fire and force. They were too few for his likes, because they hardly grew in numbers.
Thus Zathroth reprimanded his blockheaded son and ordered him to create new life. For he himself still could not understand the secret of life. Under his guidance the first trolls, numerous and vexatious, developed but still without the malicious cunning, which Zathroth desired. Next father and son therefore created the orcs. And the orcs turned out just like the dark God wanted them. They flowed over Medivia, spread out and began to devastate it.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Great Creation BOOK TWO" 2
But even at the culmination point of the creation Zathroth bundeled all his destructive powers to a weapon and pushed it with all the strength that he could muster into the heart of Medivsula, whose existence he did not want to endure any more. And as the divinity was weakened by the creation and without suspicion and resistance, the deadly attack penetrated to the core of her being and destroyed her.
The elements - fires, water, earth and air - were jerked out of their harmony and landed at the base of the column of time.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Archers" 9
Archers are great archers and also their spears hardly miss their marks. They are able to cast some minor spells of healing and protection.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Sorcerer" 9
Sorcerers are masters of magic. They posses an enormous arsenal of spells of protection and destruction.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Soulvortex" 11
Its said that in ancient times, the gods created a great vortex to allow the souls of spirits from 'beyond' enter the realm of Medivia. Through this vortexportal many great heroes were able to manifest themselves on Medivia. In their new bodys they fought againt the forces of destruction. But also agents of destruction and evil entered the world through this portal. More and more the dark forces used the portal to spread over Medivia and to annoy, disrupt and subvert the brave people of the world. Some of the evil spirits remained long enough in this world to wreak even more havoc on the good people of Medivia. Destruction of all that others had built, slaying of new manifested souls as soon as they left the vortex.
The gods watched in grief what had become of their great accomplishment. And one day Uman and Banor combined their awesome forces and split the vortex. One strand now aimed to the isle of rookgaard, the other one remained aimed on the temple of Thais.
From this day on the newborn heroes awakened on the holy and protected isle of rookgaard and only the stronger and better prepared souls could travel to the continent.
Guided by omens an expedition of brave warriors from the thaian order of the knights of noodles traveled the perillious seas the the remote isle of rookgaard and discovered the new soulvortex.
Soon this base was built and this fine academy founded.
Praise the gods and our King.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The War over the Creation BOOK FOUR" 5
The good Gods created and threw race after race into the struggle about the world. All of them were defeated! :Almost everyone of the old races, which we know only as the Ancients, was defeated and buried by the sands of the time, because they were no match to the agressive rage and the emotionless intrepidity of their opponents.
According to our knowledge, only the delicate elves in their cities deep in the forests and the dwarves in their fortresses deep under the mountains survived the corpse wars, although at some campfires rumors are spread about other races, created by both sides for this unholy war, and of which some individuals are said to still be around.
Just as strong and powerful as these peoples were, they were one-sided and of little flexibility. Worse still: Some creatures succumbed to the temptations of Zathroth about power and great knowledge. They switched sides, and rumor has it that the most powerful of the Ancients were hurled out of this world by the good Gods for their betrayal to suffer eternally in the sphere, which was created in order to punish them for their misdeeds, and changed to what nowadays is called the daemons.
All their magic, which was probably given to the old peoples in excess, could not make them victorious, and they and their buildings disappeared gradually from the face of Medivia.
Book (Dark Brown).gif "The Warriors" 9
Warriors are unparraleled in close combant. They are masters of most weapons and the shield. A skilled knight can inflict enormous damage even with the lesser weapons

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