Novus Hunting Places

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Free account spawns
  Name Level Exp Loot Creatures You Will Find
Rat.png Novus Sewers 1+ Star 1.png Star 1.png Hungry Rat, Rat, Cave Rat
Wolf.png Stone Valley 4+ Star 3.png Star 1.png Wolf
Troll.gif Troll Tower 5+ Star 2.png Star 2.png Troll, Orc
Bear.png Bear Cave 5+ Star 2.png Star 1.png Bear
Troll.gif Troll & Spider Caves 5+ Star 3.png Star 3.png Spider, Troll, Poison Spider
Wasp.png Wasp Tower 8+ Star 3.png Star 1.png Wasp
Orc.gif Chain Armor Quest Cave 8+ Star 3.png Star 2.png Bear, Orc, Minotaur
Poison Spider.gif Lonely Rotworm Cave 8+ Star 4.png Star 1.png Rat, Spider, Bug, Poison Spider, Rotworm
Skeleton.gif Skeleton Cave 8+ Star 1.png Star 4.png Skeleton
Orc Spearman.gif Small Orc Camp 8+ Star 3.png Star 1.png Orc, Orc Spearman
Minotaur.gif Minotaur Hell 10+ Star 3.png Star 4.png Wolf, Orc, Minotaur
Mutated Rat.gif Abandoned Tower 15+ Star 1.png Star 2.png Rat, Cave Rat, Mutated Rat
Nether Spiderling.gif Nether Spiderling Cave 15+ Star 3.png Star 1.png Rotworm, Nether Spiderling, Scorpion, Snake
Elf.png Elf Island 15+ Star 2.png Star 2.png Elves
Minotaur Mage.gif Minotaur Mage Chamber 20+ Star 1.png Star 5.png Minotaur Mage
Elf Arcanist.png Elf Arcanist Chamber 20+ Star 1.png Star 5.png Elf Arcanist
witch.gif Witch Chamber 30+ Star 1.png Star 1.png Witch

Premium account spawns
  Name Level Experience Loot Creatures You Will Find Location Notes
Wolf.png Wolf Hills 5+          
Troll Cave 8+ Star 2.png Star 2.png Trolls   Best way to make pure cash (No loot)
Goblin.png Troll Cave & Goblin Cave Test Chambers 10+ Star 2.png Star 2.png Trolls, Orcs, Orc Spearman, Goblins,
Wasps, Minotaurs, Mutated Rats
  Chance of looting Poison Dagger
minotaur.gif Minotaur Lair 20+ Star 4.png Star 4.png Bugs, Minotaurs, Sand Spiders   Entrance to level 20 quest.