Abandoned Tower

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Mutated Rat.gif
Abandoned Tower
One of the only two Mutated Rat spawns on Novus.
Recommended Level:15+
Loot:Star 2.png
Experience:Star 2.png
Location:South-east part of Novus island (Map.png here)
Be prepared
to face:
Rat.png Rat Cave Rat.gif Cave Rat Mutated Rat.gif Mutated Rat
Notes:A Tower/Cave with Rats, Cave Rats and 2 Mutated Rats.
This is a perfect spot to train for mid level Novus characters.
In order to train Sword/Axe/Club on Mutated Rats you need to have at least 20/20+ skills and decent equipment.
There's also the added bonus of a small chance to loot a Poison Dagger.


  • Climb to the top of the tower to find the lever, pull it,
    and go back down to the ground floor where the entrance should appear.

Entrence to Mutated Rats.jpg Lever highest floor.jpg

  • This is the cave in which 2 Mutated Rats, as well as some rats and cave rats spawn.

Mutated Rats Cave.png

  • This is a good way to train Distance Fighting here if the mutated rat does too much damage to you in melee.
  • You can also trap 2 rats with flowers and stand on the flower letting the rats hit you for shielding training.

Train on Mutated Rat.png

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