Demonic Faction

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Baalerun.png DemonicFactionIcon.png The Demonic Faction DemonicFactionIcon.png
Location: Sheol
Level required: 300+ recommended
Items required:
Be prepared to face: Ashlord, Blasphemer, Blood Witch, Cerberus, Corruptor, Hellfire, Hellion, Demorc, Demorc Brute, Demorc Warchief, Dreadlord, Flamebringer, Incidamus, Skeleton Warlord, Succubus, Typhon, Venerator, Zarguth, Qyreva, Belrekath, Velranos, Ozgalluch, Tagthoder, and more...
Legend: The Empire of Eschen and the Archini Guild are cooperating to save Medivia from the encroaching demonic invasion! All Imperial Royalists and Archini Masters have been summoned to attend an audience with Emperor Arsene.
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Mission 1 - Gaining Access

Link to Access Mission Page
Once you've defeated all the hellgate guardians, you can access Sheol through the main hellgate in the dwarf generals area of the Mittenhoff mines. You can travel there via minecart from the main hub.
DemonicFaction21.png DemonicFaction24.png DemonicFaction29.png DemonicFaction33.png

Mission 2 - Blood Witch Task

Blood Witch.png

Travel east into the city of Zarrith.
The watcher guards at the gates will stop you and ask your identity, say you are 'human'.
You will be allowed to the city and directed to Arbiter Kerrin.
Arbiter Kerrin will welcome you to the watcher war effort and task you with slaying 900 Blood Witches.

There are 2 spawns of Blood Witches:

  1. South Blood Witch Spawn
  2. North Blood Witch Spawn

The reward for completing this task is 2,000,000 Experience.

Mission 3 - Freeing Molgorth

  1. Arbiter Kerrin will send you to speak with Molgorth in the deepest part of Torem's Court. Here's a map of how to get to him. The bottom floor of Torem's Court has a Corruptor and numerous Giant Energy Elementals so make sure to bring appropriate supplies.
  2. After speaking with Molgorth return to Arbiter Kerrin back in Zarrith.
  3. He will send you to the Sheol Library. In the deepest part with the Venerators you'll find a giant orb suspended on some pillars protected by a single Corruptor. Levitate up to the top of the pillars and use the orb to be sent back into the past.
  4. Return to Arbiter Kerrin in Zarrith. He'll tell you to help Molgorth.
  5. Return to Molgorth with 8 Violet Magic Orbs that can be looted inside Torem's Court from any monster at floor -1.

Mission 3 Transcripts
Player: Hi
Molgorth: What brings a mortal to the lands covered in black ash?...
Molgorth: And how one stands before me with his soul intact? You are not a mere human...
Molgorth: What do you want from an ardevok trapped by magical chains?
Player: Kill
Molgorth: Now flee, before they will storm this place.
Molgorth: The armor I am wearing is draining my life force and will keep draining it till there is none left...
Molgorth: I have been locked up here to starve. This is how devoks are treating the rightful heir to the throne...
Molgorth: Yes, I should be the one calling myself the Devok King. I was betrayed by my brother, Baalerun...
Molgorth: He tricked me into wearing this leeching armor that has made me weak and unable to escape this prison...
Molgorth: If you came here thinking that slaying me will weaken the forces of Baalerun, you are wrong! By doing this you will do Baalerun a favor...
Molgorth: See it for yourself. If you think I am lying and trying to prolong my life. Do you think I want to spend any more time here, in this prison?...
Molgorth: The watchers once owned a powerful artifact that allowed them see the past. Use it to see the truth...
Molgorth: Give me a chance to get my revenge and I shall become your ally.
Player: Mission
Arbiter Kerrin: He knows Baalerun and his commanders more than we do...
Arbiter Kerrin: The artifact he spoke of is called a soul mirror...
Arbiter Kerrin: It looks like an enormous eye, and with each gaze it feels as if your soul is being pulled into it...
Arbiter Kerrin: Everything that happened, in every place on all worlds can be seen once again by using this sacred artifact...
Arbiter Kerrin: It is hidden in the Library of the Fortunetellers, located far east of the Blood Lake...
Arbiter Kerrin: The library is not a safe place. No place is safe in the lands of Sheol...
Arbiter Kerrin: The way to the soul mirror is guarded by psychic demons who call themselves the Bookwardens...
Arbiter Kerrin: They spent most of their lives in the Library, absorbing every bit of knowledge stored in books...
Arbiter Kerrin: Very intelligent creatures. And also very dangerous...
Arbiter Kerrin: Reach the soul mirror and see the past. We must know if we can trust Molgorth.
Player: Mission
Arbiter Kerrin: I trust what you have seen, Player...
Arbiter Kerrin: Molgorth would become a powerful ally, but only if he will be freed first...
Arbiter Kerrin: I know the Temple of War very well, I know what magic is keeping prisoners in their cells...
Arbiter Kerrin: But Molgorth is not in a mere cell. He is bound by 8 enchanted demonic busts, on the lowest floor of the Temple...
Arbiter Kerrin: Disable them, and Molgorth will be able to escape the prison on his own...
Arbiter Kerrin: But the problem is you need to find the orbs first, that are needed to disable the busts...
Arbiter Kerrin: My scrying powers cannot detect the location of orbs, for they are enchanted with magic...
Arbiter Kerrin: This magic not only hides them, but also keeps them within the boundaries of the Temple...
Arbiter Kerrin: They can be carried by any devok you will find within this dungeon...
Arbiter Kerrin: Now hurry up, before the enemy will make their next move.

Mission 4 - Ashlord Task


You will need to slay 850 Ashlords.
There is only 1 good Ashlord spawn:

  1. Ashlord Volcano

But you can also choose to hunt them at The Hellish Gate where you fight Thor'garak or Sheol Elevator
Talk with Arbiter Kerrin after you finish the task
The reward for completing this task is an Ashlord Doll.png Ashlord Doll.

Mission 5 - Magic Stones

Red Sacred Stone Light.gif

Requires Key 9966 for Magic Stone #1
Requires several buckets of water for Magic Stone #1 (Bring 10+)
You must do each of these stones in proper order.

  • Stone #1 - Map
    • Head into the deeper section of Sheol (past the locked door using Key 9966). Go to the most southern part of the fire area here.
    • You'll get to a point where lava blocks the corridor. Use the buckets of water on these tiles to turn them into walkable tiles and continue deeper.
    • Eventually you'll reach an island protected with several Skeleton Warlord and a magic stone upstairs. Use the stone to enter the past.
    • In the past you'll need to find where the temple is in Zarrith and speak to Varazin.

  • Stone #2 - video - Map
    • This stone is by far the most dangerous and requires a team. A team consisting of the following should easily succeed; 2 knights, 5+ shooters.
    • Once inside you'll need to fight numerous Venerators, Incidamus, and Ashlord among many weaker creatures.
    • Using this map you need to protect 7 of Zarrith's Citizens while they're being attacked by waves.
    • Each NPC will have 5 waves spawn, with each wave consisting of 4 creatures. Each wave will be 20 seconds after each other. **The creatures that can be in the waves are; Blood Witch, Incidamus, Cerberus, Ashlord, Blasphemer, Skeleton Warlord, Shade.
    • Once all citizens have been saved you can leave from the entrance teleport
    • For this stone, anyone who has completed the mission may re-enter to assist others. This also means you can leave the stone at anytime and return later.

  • Stone #3 - video - Map
    • South-west of Zarrith is a shovel hole that leads to the third magic stone.
    • Inside you Varazin will speak to you about sealing Medivia from the other worlds to prevent its devastation. You will need to protect Varazin while he casts his spells.
    • More and more Ritualists and Shadow Guards will spawn on either side to attack the Barrier on that side. As they lose health you need to use the goblets on that corresponding side to lower your health but heal the barrier.

  • Stone #4 - Map
    • The fourth stone is located far to the east of Sheol. Once inside the magic stone you will be watching a cinematic of Umos the Dragon God fighting Rashed the Demon King. You do not need to do anything except wait for the cinematic to be over.

Mission 6 - Blasphemer Task


You will need to slay 800 Blasphemers.
There is only 1 "good" Blasphemer spawn: Torem's Court
But you can do also in Sheol Library and Sheol Elevator

After finish the Blasphemers task you need to deliver 50 Blasphemer Staff.png Blasphemer Staff, which can be easily picked up during the task.
The reward for completing this task is 2,280,000 Experience.

Mission 7 - The Corrupted Tower

  • Video - Map
    • Arbiter Kerrin asks you to enter the tower south-east of Zarrith and climb to the top to find NPC Mauldir.
    • You'll face all kinds of creatures on the way including Skeleton Warlords, Blood Witches, Incidamus, Corruptors etc. The floors increase in difficulty as you travel upward.
    • There are 2 main strategies to clearing the tower;
      1. Rush

        Bring 2-3 knights and 5-8 shooters. The knights will rush upstairs while the shooters focus on magic walling the door, then clearing the room before moving further. If you follow this map the areas to magic wall have been marked with orange boxes.

      2. UE Clear

        Bring 2-4 archmages who will stairhop the difficult floors before a knight will continue.

    • Once on the top floor all players on the mission will need to speak to NPC Mauldir together as once one person has finished talking the NPCs will all disappear for 5-10 minutes until they respawn.

Mission 8 - Incidamus and Venerator Souls

Incidamus.png Venerator.png

You will need to slay 500 Incidamus and 500 Venerators and collect their souls using a Souldrainer.

There is 2 Incidamus spawns:

  1. Drowner's Lake
  2. Corruptor Hell Entrance

There is 1 Venerator spawn:

  1. Sheol Library

Mission 9 - Corruptor Crystal

Void Ball.gif

Video - Quest Route Image

  • Deep in Corruptor Hell, beyond the Incidamus lays the Corruptors where a special crystal is. You'll need to hit a lever to access the cave. Inside the cave you'll need to use 2 gravestones which will each summon a boss (Ozgalluch the Incidamus boss and Tagthoder the Corruptor boss) - this will remove some obstacles later in the journey.
  • Once inside the Corruptors section take the east path and you'll find the crystal nearby the stairs. The person on the mission should use their quest item on the crystal to begin the ritual.
  • Fog will appear making the area into an arena and after 10 seconds the first wave will spawn, with more waves spawning every 30 seconds after. There are 6 waves and each consist of 3 creatures. The 3 creatures can be either a Corruptor, Ashlord or Incidamus.
  • Once you clear all the waves the fog will disappear and you receive a Lenses of Truth.


Mission 10 - Demorc Task

  • You will need to slay 700 Demorcs.
  • There are 2 spawns to hunt Demorcs:
  1. Demorc Entrance Spawn
  2. Demorc Main Spawn
  • The reward for completing this task is 1,120,000 Experience.

Mission 11 - Convince Demorc Brute

Demorc Brute.png

Using the Mind CrystalMind crystal.gifyou must convince just one Demorc Brute while they're on low (red) health.

The chance of a successful persuasion is very low. Once convinced you must interrogate them for knowledge on Demorc Warchiefs weak points.
This is what it looks like when you succeed and turn a Demorc Brute into a Weakened Demorc Brute. Once they're in the weakened state, you must talk to them. As a rough estimate (opinion incoming) it's a 1/100 chance to succeed.

A relatively "easy" way to do this mission is to leave some Demorc Brutes in the red health, and use the item every 2 minutes.

Player: Hi
Weakened Demorc Brute: I beg you... Do not kill me!...
Weakened Demorc Brute: I will tell you everything you want to know, just spare my life...
Weakened Demorc Brute: What do you want to know?
Player: Weak Point
Weakened Demorc Brute: Only the strongest demorcs can become warchiefs, they have no flaws...
Weakened Demorc Brute: But just like me they are still demorcs. And we all fear one thing...
Weakened Demorc Brute: Fire...
Weakened Demorc Brute: I have told you enough, haven't I? Now please, let me go...
<Weakened Demorc Brute disappears>

Now go back and talk with Grandmaster Elijah.

Mission 12 - Demorc Warchief Task

Demorc Warchief.png

You will need to slay 700 Demorc Warchiefs. There is only 1 spawn with Demorc Warchiefs:

  1. Demorc Main Spawn

After finish speak with Grandmaster Elijah
The reward for completing this task is 2,950,000 Experience.

Go to the right side of the demorc spawn and find Demorc Lord Galzebran:
Demorc Lord Galzebran.png

Player: hi
Demorc Lord Galzebran: So this is you, that mortal who has invaded my domain?...
Demorc Lord Galzebran: I am suprised that an entity from the world of Medivia has managed to destroy this many of my troops...
Demorc Lord Galzebran: As you may already tell, I cannot let more of my kind die by your hand and for my kingdom to become a ruin...
Demorc Lord Galzebran: I surrender. We will aid you in the war against Baalerun and will not attack Medivia...
Demorc Lord Galzebran: We will grant you permission to enter the swamp and meet our prisoner, which is what you wanted in the first place...
Demorc Lord Galzebran: My brothers may not understand or accept my decision. Expect them to still be hostile against you...
Demorc Lord Galzebran: They were not trained to surrender, after all.

After this dialogue, you will be able to enter the door here to talk with the blacksmith:




Mission 13 - Kill Blacksmith

The Crimson Key.png

Talk with the Blacksmith Azzodon:

Player: Hi
Blacksmith Azzodon: Who are you and what are you doing in the greatest smithery?
Player: mission
Blacksmith Azzodon: Who are you? You do not remind me of any demorc. A human?...
Blacksmith Azzodon: That passed the gates of Sheol and reached this place? That is impossible...
Blacksmith Azzodon: But I sense some strange power within you. You came to my great smithery to create you something...
Blacksmith Azzodon: Yes, but I will never work for a weakling. If you want my help you need to prove yourself in a duel with me...
Blacksmith Azzodon: Show me what you are made of.
  • You will fight against the Blacksmith Azzodon. Expect a fight with an weak version of an Ashlord, but with huge ammount of HP (94,800).
  • After the fight speak with him again:
Player: mission
Blacksmith Azzodon: Well, I have not expected such power from such a tiny creature. Or is it me who have grown weak...
Blacksmith Azzodon: I have been imprisoned here for ages, first by Baalerun and then after war between demorcs and demons by Galzebran...
Blacksmith Azzodon: I am imprisoned for my own transgressions against my race. I was ordered by Baalerun to forge the mightiest armor...
Blacksmith Azzodon: Armor that would be able to withstand any magic, even the mighty sacred artifacts of the watchers...
Blacksmith Azzodon: What I did not know the living metal he provided was tainted by dark sorcery. Instead of deflecting magic it was absorbing it, and its hunger was
Blacksmith Azzodon: Back then I was the only one who knew about Baalerun's treachery and the rest simply thought that Molgorth went insane...
Blacksmith Azzodon: And for this dark knowledge Baalerun imprisoned me away from anyone who would be willing to listen...
Blacksmith Azzodon: After the war between Baalerun and Galzebran my punishment did not end. I regret helping that vile beast. But what choice did I have?...
Blacksmith Azzodon: You, me and Molgorth have the same enemy. We need to hurry, Baalerun is probably preparing for the dark ritual to invade Medivia...
Blacksmith Azzodon: To access the Black Castle you will need a mighty key that I created long ago. I made one and I can make another, with the right ingredients and
Blacksmith Azzodon: The key was made out of hellstone, a very rare metal found in this world...
Blacksmith Azzodon: I will need 20 hellstone ores that will serve as a base of the crimson key...
Blacksmith Azzodon: But the gates of the Black Castle are not only protected by a complex mechanism...
Blacksmith Azzodon: They are also sealed by a barrier placed by performing an ancient ritual of sacrifice...
Blacksmith Azzodon: The counterspell to break the barrier also requires a sacrifice. Luckily, a sacrifice of our enemies...
Blacksmith Azzodon: Obtaining enough hellstone might take a while, so while you are searching for it, chop the heads of cerbers...
Blacksmith Azzodon: Take down 1000 cerbers and bring me 100 of their heads, required for the counterspell.

Mission 14 - Cerberus Task


There is only 1 good spawn with Cerberus: Cerberus Hell - video of spawn
The reward for completing this task is 3,650,000 Experience.

Mission 15 - Flamebringer Task


There is only 1 spawn with Flamebringers: Flamebringer Hell
The reward for completing this task is 3,040,000 Experience.

Mission 16 - Typhon Task


There are 2 spawns of Typhons:

  1. Small Typhon Spawn
  2. Typhon Island

The reward for completing this task is 2,800,000 Experience.

Mission 17 - The Forge

  • There is a Video for this mission: [Video]

00:00 - 01:15 - taking the flame
01:15 - 06:34 - speak with blacksmith
06:34 - 11:45 - speak with Elijah
20:30 - 26:11 - turning Empty Vial into an Enchanted Vessel
26:11 - 28:30 - returning to Elijah
31:50 - 36:55 - going to forge entrance
37:00 - Starting The Forge mission

  • To take the flame pull the lever here:



  • Then way to Cerberus spawn (Cerberus Hell) and follow this way:


  • Go next to the forge till appear this message (Take care, there is 2 Succubus):



  • After reach the Big Red Hand, use the the Empty Vial on it and RUN back in no more than 5 minutes to Grandmaster Elijah (use the EXIT mark into photo #7).

*ATTENTION: For the next part you'll need a team with at least 2 blockers and some shooters.

  • Go to The Library, in the deepest part with Venerators you'll find a giant orb suspended on some pillars protected by a single Corruptor. Levitate up to the top of the pillars and use the orb to be sent back into the past again.
  • Follow the way till the Forge and use the Enchanted Vessel.png Enchanted Vessel in the "green lava" to obtain a Vessel with Sacred Flame.png Vessel with Sacred Flame.

Mission 18 - Corruptor


Mission 19 - Succubus Task

Player: mission
Grandmaster Elijah: The crimson key, you have managed to obtain it...
Grandmaster Elijah: The gates of the Black Castle can be opened, but you cannot enter the home of Baalerun yet...
Grandmaster Elijah: You must prepare yourself against the effects of spells of the succubus...
Grandmaster Elijah: They are strong, but you have faced stronger foes before...
Grandmaster Elijah: It is a charm attack that you should prepare against...
Grandmaster Elijah: You should be able to defeat a succubus, even under the effects of their spell...
Grandmaster Elijah: But if you will be attacked by something stronger whilst being charmed, you will not stand a chance...
Grandmaster Elijah: By fighting 400 succubus you will get the grasp of how their charm work and how to counter it...
Grandmaster Elijah: Return to me when you will be ready.
  • You will need for this mission:

Mission 20 - Dreadlord Task

Player: mission
Grandmaster Elijah: By now you have fought against most of the servants of Baalerun...
Grandmaster Elijah: You know how to kill them. You know their abillities...
Grandmaster Elijah: But there is one more terryfing enemy. Dreadlords...
Grandmaster Elijah: Elite legion of devoks under the command of the members of the Black Circle, Baalerun's most powerful allies...
Grandmaster Elijah: I most certainly will not let you enter the Devok Lord's domain before you will slay at least 150 dreadlords...
Grandmaster Elijah: Prove to me that you are strong enough to survive within the Black Castle.

Mission 21 - The 6 Seals

Norae.png Mictlantecuhtli.png Plagoran.png Mazzgaron.png Kruzgog.png Mortem (Sheol).png

Face all the 6 seals, can be made in any order:

1º Seal: Norae, the Blood Queen

Entrance of the seal is located at Blood Lake:

  • Pull 2 levers in the first part:

Norae1.PNG Norae3.PNG

  • After pull the lever a stair will appear here:


  • Pull levers A and B (can be in any order) to open the bridge and pull lever C:


  • Now you can pass through the 3 fire walls here:


  • Follow the way till find this teleport (there is no way back):


  • In the central room there are 4 blood fountains, your objective is to collect the blood from the central fountains and take it to the empty fountains at the sides of the map:

ATTENTION: when collecting blood from the central source, some Blood Witches appear around

  • After filling the 4 blood fountains, the bridge to the north of the map will open.
  • You will be teleported to a lever maze, each room has 3 levers, only one opens the passage to the next, it is completely random, if you pull the incorrect lever 4 Blood Witches are summoned:


  • Entering the teleport you will find Norae in her first form: Norae2.png
  • Hit her until she becomes immune and starts talking, so, leave it there and start clearing the whole place.
  • After cleaning the entire place it takes damage again, until she disappears and leaves the teleport for the real fight.
  • Enter the teleport, and finally, defeat Norae in her true form: Norae.png

2º Seal: Mictlantecuhtli, the Cursed Twin Skulls

Entrance of the seal:
Mic1.PNG Mic2.PNG
After entering the red teleport above, you'll be teleported to a location with 8~9 Soulless:

To open the stairs to the bottom floor, you must enter all the teleports (counterclockwise):
Mic4.PNG Mic6.PNG
The stairs remain open until the Server Save.

Downstairs there will be some Incidamus, Ashlords, Ethereal Voids and the teleport that leads to Mictlantecuhtli. Mic5.PNG

3º Seal: Plagoran, the Swamp King

Entrance of the seal:
Follow the path as you were going to Cerberus respawn, but head to the right:

You will arrive at this location with some Black Widows:

  • Climb the tower, Levitating on some specific sqms
  • At the top of the tower there is a trapdoor, be careful when going down.

<Under Construction>

4º Seal: Mazzgaron, Keeper of Knowledge

Under Construction

5º Seal: Kruzgog, the Great Torture

Entrance of the seal (The Black Castle):

  • You need release some Prisioners, to that you have to kill some Corrupted Wardens (Blue Corruptor) to take the Key
  • There is a chance that the key will break when trying to open a cell
  • Keep releasing the prisoners until a different message appears, something like: "The guard has noticed your presence..."
  • Go to the place with the blue flag and kill the guard (a darker Corruptor):


  • After that, head to the lower floor via this stair:


  • Go through the fire maze and activate the lever on the other side:

Tip: Don't need the whole team to pass, just a blocker and some shooters to clear the path till the south lever.

  • After that, the path to the north is open:


  • Follow the till the the "Eye Maze", pass without being seen, they have a fixed pattern, a little practice and you should pass without any major problems.

Tip: Don't take too long, or the 2 Dreadlords will spawn in the back.

  • Enter the final teleport and defeat Kruzgog!


6º Seal: Mortem, the Mighty General

Mortem (Sheol).png
Entrance of the seal:




After jump into the pool you will be teleport to here:

Follow this way and Levitate:

Follow the way to the teleport (8 Ashlords inside):
Inside the teleport keep the Deathslicer.gif Deathslicer close to the pillars to destroy them (4 pillar in the room)
Now back and follow this way to lever (use a Pick to destroy the wall): Mort8.PNG

After pull the lever a way to the Codex in the middle of the room appears: Mort9.PNG

ATTENTION: After click into the Codex 2 walls appears, closing the south and north entrance to this room, and waves of Nightmares, Ashlords, Incidamus and Corruptors start, you need to kill all the monsters to gain access to the southern part.

Follow this way and enter into the teleport:

In this room, drag a dead human body from point A to B (leave the body inside a purple light): Mort11.PNG

Go to the right stairs:

Follow this way and enter into the teleport:

Inside the teleport keep the Deathslicer.gif Deathslicer close to the pillars to destroy them (4 pillar in the room)
Go to the right teleport:

Do the same thing, drag a dead human body from point A to B (leave the body inside a purple light):

Now follow the way to teleport:

You will face The Eye of Mortem and Mortem

Mission 22 - Rashed and Baalerun

Rashed.png Baalerun.png

  • After you have defeated the 6 seals bosses, go to the Black Castle and pass into the 6 Fire Walls (Central part of the castle).
  • You will find a Teleport to face Rashed (care there is no way back).

Rashed Mechanics

Shattered Soul: If the Knight is not using a Mirror Shield sometimes it will become 'transparent', Rashed will ignore and start hit another player, in this case it is important to have more than one knight.

Holy Spears: Rashed goes to the middle of the room and summons 4 spears, the north and south take physical damage (sd them), west energy (mage use Great Energy Beam hitting the spear and Rashed) and east fire (GFB hitting the spear and Rashed), if they are not destroyed in time, the entire party takes damage

Star of Doom: Rashed teleport all players to the center of the room and marks a big area (star shape), just leave the marked area (strikes twice).

There are other less relevant mechanics, such as random damage in the room (+ shape) and short range teleports.

Destroyed Eschen

  • After defeat Rashed, go down the tower floors until you find a teleport
  • You'll be teleported to a destroyed version of Eschen filled with Nightmares, Succubuses, Typhons, Venerators and Corruptors.
  • Travel through the city and out of it by the East Gate
  • Go north along the coast towards where you will find a portal that takes you to the final fight with Rashed's true form as Baalerun.

Baalerun Mechanics

Fire Basins: Eventually Baalerun throws fire into the basins spread across the room (it is possible to see which one is lit through a red glowing effect), it is necessary to throw Magic Walls to prevent the basin explosion from hitting the players

Soak Damage: Randomly an archer is marked, he cannot walk and a green diamond-shaped area is marked around him, the other archers and knights (not the main) need to come in to share the damage.

Healing the Boss: 1 sqm markings appear under some players, if you don't dodge, the boss is healed while you have the effect (heal yourself to remove effect).

Portals: Baalerun warns that a portal will be summoned, can be on the left and right side of the room, it is recommended to destroy the portal as soon as possible to prevent the room from being taken over by monsters (Corruptors, Dreadlords, Typhons...)


Congratulations, you've saved Medivia and done a great service to the resistance effort of Sheol.
Your soul is strengthened and you've achieved mastery in your vocation.

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