Demorc Main Spawn

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Demorc Warchief.png
Demorc Main Spawn
The Lair of all Demorcs
Recommended Level:Mages - 300+

Archers - 300+

Knights - 360+
Loot:The Bloodcurser.png Virulent Legs.png Virulent Helmet.png Virulent Clawboots.png Demon Shield.png Giant Sword.png Boots of haste.png Tower Shield.png Polished Emerald.png Polished Topaz.png
Be prepared
to face:

Demorc Warchief.png Demorc Warchief Demorc.png‏‏‎ ‎Demorc‏‏‎ Demorc Brute.png Demorc Brute Huntsman Spider.png Huntsman Spider
Strategy:Regular demorcs:Lure all to stair and stairhop with Great Fireball
Demorc Warchief: Knights can block 2 of these and have a mage use energy beams/waves or simply use explos with an extra shooter or 2


This best spawn to hunt Demorc Warchiefs for the Demonic Faction task.

Name Amount Task Reward

Demorc Warchief.png

Demorc Warchief

700 Demonic Faction 2,950,000 XP

Cave Layout