Giant Sword

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Giant Sword
You see a Giant Sword (Atk:69 Def:11). 
It weighs 180.0 oz.
This sword has been forged by ancient giants.
Item Rank:90
Properties:Strength (3)
 Strength (4), Parry (2%), Gouge (15%), Vitality (25/19/13)
Description:This sword has been forged by ancient giants.
Weight:180.0 oz
Dropped by:Ashlord, Fleshbiter, Demorc, Titan, Demon, Abomination, Azgath, Incidamus, Undead Dragon, Shadow Guard, Corruptor, Uliaarthar, Balremaach
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
FalconAshun (17,000 gp; only after completing the The Explorers Guild)
Outlaw CampP.K. (100 gp)
YehshaAlesar (17,000 gp; only after completing the Green Djinn missions)
Grazlin20 Wolframite Bar.gif Wolframite Bars, 3 Carnotite Bar.gif Carnotite Bars, 1 Heliodor Bar.gif Heliodor Bar
Note:A good two-handed weapon for low to mid level sword users.

Obtainable through the Banshee Quest
Can be obtained as a reward from Royal Griffin Lair

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