The Djinn War - Efreet Faction

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Efreet.png The Djinn War - Efreet Faction
Reward: 600 gp, Gemmed Lamp, the ability to trade with Yaman and Alesar, the possibility to hunt Blue Djinns in Yehsha
Location: Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)
Level required: 40 (50+ recommended)
Be prepared to face: Blue Djinn, Marid, Dragon, Orc Warlord, Orc Leader, Gargoyle, Orc Berserker, Stone Golem, Eye of Shadow, Orc Warrior, and other minor creatures such as Cobra, Lion, Hyaena
Legend: There is a war between two Djinn factions.
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This quest requires you to talk with many different NPCs. Do NOT answer too fast and always let them finish their sentences! Do NOT run away if they still have something to say to you! If you do not follow those hints you might not be able to finish the quest as it might bug!

Method (Green Djinns)

  • Wandering the streets in Yehsha is a man named Melchior. Talk to him, and he can tell you about his time with the Djinns. Ask him about the "Word of Greeting", and he will tell you that Djinns always greet eachother with the word "DJANNI'HAH". You can now enter the Djinn Fortress.
  • Go to the Green Djinn fortress. First, find the ramp next to the fire tomb's entrance (here), and follow the path to the west.
  • In the Green Djinn fortress, talk to Ubaid. Say the word of greeting "DJANNI'HAH" instead of "hi". When he asks what you are doing there, ask for "passage". When he tells you to leave, say "no" and he will ask if you want to join their fight. Say "yes" and he will tell you to talk to Baa'leal for a mission.
  • When you ask Baa'leal for a "mission", he will tell you to find the supply thief in Eschen.
  • Go to the prison in Eschen (here), and find the NPC locked in a cell underground.
  • When you find the prisoner, talk to him about Yehsha, and ask him about the supplies.
  • Return to Baa'leal in the Green Djinn fortress and tell him you have completed the "mission", then tell him the prisoner's name, Santin. He will give you 600 gp and tell you to speak with Alesar about another mission.
  • Talk to Alesar and ask for a "mission". He will tell you that he wants the gemstone called the Tear of Shakir, and that the Blue Djinns have one. Of course, he wants you to steal it and bring it back to him.
  • Go to the secret entrance to the Blue Djinn fortress. Take the ramp between Yehsha and Osaris (here). Instead of going north towards Osaris, follow the passage west, and take the hidden ramp to the south:


  • Once down the ramp, you will face one or more Stone Golem. Continue south to the secret entrance to the Blue Djinn Fortress.
  • Continue going up the stairs to the 4th floor, with fountains in it. On your way up, you will face an increasing number of Blue Djinn, Marid, and even some Fire Elemental, and Scarab. Bring a couple Dwarven Ring, and some good shooters and blockers to help you.
  • When you find the fountain, "use" it to get the Tear of Shakir.


  • Make your way back to Alesar and tell him you have completed the mission and give him the Tear of Shakir. He will then tell you to speak with Malor for another mission.
  • Go upstairs and talk to Malor and ask for a "mission" and he will tell you to retrieve a lamp from the Orc King in the Orc Fortress.
  • Go to the Orc Fortress, and speak with the king (when you say "hi" he will spawn a lot of different kinds of Orcs, so be ready). Ask him for the "lamp", and tell him it is for "Malor".
  • When you get the lamp, you will need to sneak into the Blue Djinn fortress, and place it in Gabel's personal bedchamber. Go to the secret entrance to the Blue Djinn fortress, and take the stairs all the way to the top. You will have to face MANY Blue Djinn, Marid, Scarab and Fire Elemental. Bring plenty of Dwarven Ring, and a good team to help you.


  • When you find Gabel's bedchamber, "use" the lamp next to his bed.


  • Return to Malor in the Green Djinn fortress and tell him that you have completed the "mission". You will now be able to buy and sell good equipment with the Green Djinns.

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