The Explorers Guild

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Falcon Icon.png The Explorers Guild
Reward: Falcon Backpack and access to the Merchant Guild (Gramol, Enorth, Luvon, Ashun)
Location: Floating Islands
Level required: 300
Items required:
Be prepared to face: Warlock, Boggle Grappler, Boggle Trickster, Boggle Mauler, Centaur Mystic, Centaur Windrider, Centaur Guardian, Centaur Warmaster, Fairy Songbird, Fairy Enchantress, Fairy Faeblade, Fairy Seraph, Pegasus, Air Elemental, Storm Elemental, Stormbringer, Magma Dragon, Obsidian Dragon, Ancient Dragon...
Legend: In ancient times, when the world was still young and full of wonders, the sacred Rune was in danger. The rune, a powerful artifact that held the key to the balance of the world, was being sought by dark forces that sought to use it for their own selfish purposes.

At that time, humans were a young and primitive race, but they possessed a unique quality that made them stand out from all other creatures of the world: their boundless courage and unyielding determination. The great spirits recognized this and saw in the humans the potential to become the protectors of the Rune.
The humans, though young and inexperienced, were filled with a burning desire to prove themselves worthy of this great task. They accepted the spirit's offer and pledged to protect the Rune with their lives.
The Spirits were pleased with the humans' response and began to share their knowledge and wisdom with them, teaching them the secrets of magic and the ways of the world. As the humans learned and grew in power, so too did their dedication to their sacred duty. They became known as The Falcons.

32px-Important Icon.png This article may contain quest spoiling information!

You need to have completed the Dwarf Faction to start this Questline.
You need at least 50 task points to start this Questline.

Act I

  • Ask for 'mission' to Bolmug on Cirone's flying boat:

CironeBoat.PNG BolmugBoat.PNG

Conversation with Bolmug
Bolmug: Hello, Player.

Player: mission Bolmug: Well, well, well, look who stumbled upon our little gathering!... Bolmug: Don't mind the clanging and banging - we're just trying to get this old rust bucket up in the air!... Bolmug: It's been a real challenge, let me tell ya. But hey, that's what makes it all the more exciting, right?... Bolmug: So, you wanna be part of our adventure, do ya? That's great news!... Bolmug: We could use all the help we can get. You see, we've been having some trouble getting this ship to fly high enough... Bolmug: Seems like conventional fuel just ain't cuttin' it anymore... Bolmug: But fear not, my friend! We've got a plan... Bolmug: We need you to head over to Mittenhoff and do a little investigating for us. They trust you... Bolmug: We hear there's some geomancers over there who know a thing or two about lifting heavy objects with their staves... Bolmug: Maybe they can teach us a thing or two about keeping this bird afloat!... Bolmug: What do you say? Are you up for the challenge?... Bolmug: It's sure to be an adventure you won't forget - unless, of course, we crash and burn!... Bolmug: But let's not think about that. Onward and upward, I say! Start by visiting my cousin, Tuggot.

Act I: Ancient Dwarven Tome

Conversation with Tuggot
Tuggot: Tharaki Player.

Player: mission Tuggot: A flying ship, you say? Hmph, sounds like the work of that good-for-nothing drunkard Bolmug, my cousin... Tuggot: And you want to learn the sacred secret of the dwarves?... Tuggot: Ha! You humans are all the same - always looking for shortcuts and quick fixes... Tuggot: But wait... perhaps there is a way you can be of use to me... Tuggot: If you're willing to lend a hand, I might just be able to put in a good word for you with the emperor - no promises, mind you... Tuggot: So what's the catch, you ask? Simple... Tuggot: I need you to retrieve an ancient dwarven tome that was stolen by those sneaky mages over in the Arcanum... Tuggot: It contains knowledge about infusing rare metals with...well, never mind the technical details... Tuggot: Just know that it's of great importance to me... Tuggot: If you succeed in your mission, I may consider helping you with your little ship problem... Tuggot: But don't get your hopes up. We dwarves aren't known for generosity, after all.

  • After this conversation you need to go to Arcanum to get the ancient dwarven tome.
  • Follow the [Arcanum Citadel Quest] and take in the Bookshelf below:


Conversation with Tuggot
Tuggot: Tharaki Player.

Player: mission Tuggot: Oh, so it's you again. Color me surprised!... Tuggot: I didn't think you had it in you to infiltrate the most secret magic organization in all of Medivia... Tuggot: I'll give credit where credit's due, I suppose... Tuggot: But who in their right mind would waste their time on my cousin Bolmug, of all people?... Tuggot: Regardless, a deal's a deal... Tuggot: I will talk with Emperor Thramril, but don't expect any miracles.

Act I: Stolen Magical Ring

Conversation with Emperor Thramril
Emperor Thramril: Hello, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child.

Player: mission Emperor Thramril: Ah, it's you. Welcome... Emperor Thramril: I've heard why you want to learn the sacred knowledge and I will reveal it to you... Emperor Thramril: But before that happens, I have a task for you... Emperor Thramril: A powerful necromancer by the name of Aphotis has stolen a ring from me. I want it back... Emperor Thramril: Make no mistake, Aphotis is not to be underestimated... Emperor Thramril: He's a dangerous foe, and he's likely guarded the ring with all manner of dark magic... Emperor Thramril: But I have faith in your abilities... Emperor Thramril: If you can retrieve the ring and bring it back to me, I'll reveal the secret of the geomancers to you... Emperor Thramril: It's a powerful and sacred knowledge, and it's not to be taken lightly... Emperor Thramril: But I believe you're up to the task. So, what do you say?... Emperor Thramril: Will you take on this task and prove your worth to me once more? Player: yes Emperor Thramril: Just like I expected... Emperor Thramril: My spies reported that last known location of Aphotis is below the Desolated Lands... Emperor Thramril: He was seen entering a building on the cemetery, where he suddenly disappeared... Emperor Thramril: There must be a hidden entrance somewhere.

  • The Emperor asked you to face Aphotis

For this you will need the Key 3701 and a team of 4 players is recommended.
Way to Aphotis:





Conversation with Aphotis
Aphotis: Welcome to the darkness, Player.

Player: mission Aphotis: So you've come to me for the ring, have you? It's true, I have it. And I must say, I'm impressed that you made it this far... Aphotis: But let me tell you a little something about that ring. It's not just any ordinary trinket... Aphotis: It's a powerful artifact, imbued with dwarven essence that's been sealed within it for centuries... Aphotis: And that essence belongs to me, not to your precious king... Aphotis: You are a little too tall to be a dwarf. Face me weakling in combat and the victor shall take the trinket.

Part2 (aphotis).PNG

  • The fight with Aphotis it's an instanced fight (dungeon style), meaning there's no death penalty.
  • The Cursed Bloodrealm:


  • After you win the fight speak with Aphotis again:
Conversation with Aphotis
Aphotis: Welcome to the darkness, Player.

Player: mission Aphotis: I must admit, you've proven yourselve a worthy opponent... Aphotis: I didn't think anyone could defeat me in combat, especially in this weakened state... Aphotis: But you've done it. And so, I will hold up my end of the bargain... Aphotis: The ring is now yours. Now begone from my domain!

Conversation with Emperor Thramril
Emperor Thramril: Hello, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child.

Player: mission Emperor Thramril: I see that you have returned. I must admit, I am disappointed that the ring is now useless... Emperor Thramril: But a deal is a deal. And I keep my promises. Now, listen carefully... Emperor Thramril: The divine crystals are the remains of one of the Brothers... Emperor Thramril: It is his condensed blood, turned into a crystal through the power of alteration... Emperor Thramril: We have used this crystal to create the orb that is the crown of the geomancer's cane... Emperor Thramril: With it, we are able to lift and move incredibly heavy objects... Emperor Thramril: But the mine where the crystal was found has been sealed away after recent attacks by demonic creatures... Emperor Thramril: Speak with Tuggot, he will show you where to go.

Act I: Divine Crystals Mined

Conversation with Tuggot
Tuggot: Tharaki Player.

Player: mission Tuggot: A human with the secret knowledge of the divine crystals?... Tuggot: Well, I never thought I'd see the day. But I suppose stranger things have happened... Tuggot: Alright, I'll help you get to that collapsed cave where the crystals are found... Tuggot: But don't think for a second that I'm doing it for you. I'm doing it for the sake of our people... Tuggot: Listen up, though. The emperor has allowed you to mine 20 divine crystals, no more... Tuggot: And when you're done, you better find me... Tuggot: I'll be waiting for you next to the entrance to the forbidden tunnels, located behind the temple of Geomancers.

Go to the forbidden tunnels, located behind the temple of Geomancers:



  • Ask for 'mission to enter in the mines.
  • Inside the mines, use the crystals that are glowing yellow, after using the crystal, some weak ashlords will appear, you need to kill them all to collect the crystal.


  • After collecting 20 crystal, exit the mine and talk to Tuggot in the rune shop.:
Conversation with Tuggot
Tuggot: Tharaki Player.

Player: mission Tuggot: So you survived the dangers of the sacred cave. Very well, hand me the divine crystals... Tuggot: It takes a skilled hand to work with something so delicate, and I happen to be the most skilled dwarf in all the land... Tuggot: and now just a shake of my staff and it is done... the divine orb is now complete, its yours now... Tuggot: Take it to my cousin, that should be enough to make his dream come true.

Act I: Divine Orb

  • Now speak with Bolmug on Cirone's flying boat:
Conversation with Bolmug
Bolmug: Hello, Player.

Player: mission Bolmug: Ahh, so you have managed to convince Thramril to spill the beans... Bolmug: I must admit, I didn't think you had it in you. And my cousin Tuggot, helping you out?... Bolmug: He may be a gruff old dwarf, but he's got a heart of gold. I'm glad you were able to win him over... Bolmug: Now, about that divine orb. You need to put it in the northern furnace... Bolmug: That's where it'll gain the power we seek. And once you've done that, go speak to Tarduk, our leader... Bolmug: He'll know what to do next. Just be careful not to get on his bad side, he's not known for his patience with outsiders.

  • Use the furnace in the back of the ship:



Conversation with Tarduk
Link: hi

Tarduk: Hello, Player. Player: mission Tarduk: Greetings, adventurer. Tarduk at your service... Tarduk: I hear you have done many great things for our cause... Tarduk: The dwarf speaks highly of you, and that is no small feat... Tarduk: I would like to offer you my thanks on behalf of the Explorers Guild... Tarduk: Without people like you, we could not continue our work... Tarduk: Now, I understand that you have a thirst for exploration... Tarduk: You wish to travel to the unknown, to find new lands, and perhaps even discover new secrets... Tarduk: I can help you with that. I offer you an invitation to the Explorers Guild... Tarduk: Join us, and you will be given the opportunity to explore the most remote corners of the world... Tarduk: So what do you say? You're in? Player: yes Tarduk: That's great. Thanks to you the engine of the ship is running... Tarduk: We can finally explore the unknown. Speak with Captain Cirlad.

Act I: Preparation for the Adventure

Conversation with Captain Cirlad
Captain Cirlad: Hello, Player.

Player: mission Captain Cirlad: I have heard you became one of us. That's great! So are you ready for the adventure?... Captain Cirlad: That's the spirit! Very well, lets see what the skies have been hiding from us!

*Now you are able to travel to Falcon!!!

Act II

Act II: Adventure Begins


Conversation with King Raldor
King Raldor: Welcome!

Player: mission King Raldor: Our neighboring islands have been struck with a sudden and inexplicable aggression from the magical creatures inhabiting them... King Raldor: In order to protect our city, a powerful magical barrier was erected, but even its strength has limits... King Raldor: During one of the attacks, a group of vicious Boggles managed to break through and steal a precious protective orb that helps maintain the barrier's strength... King Raldor: We need that orb back if we are to stand a chance against the creatures' assaults. Will you help us retrieve it and save our city from certain doom? Player: yes King Raldor: That's some wonderful news. I shall await your return.

  • Go to the Boggles cave to retrieve the orb:







Conversation with King Raldor
King Raldor: Welcome!

Player: mission King Raldor: You have managed to find it! That's great, I shall put it to good use... King Raldor: It seems like we still have some work to do though... King Raldor: There are some strange noises coming from the northern mountain, and it's affecting our environment... King Raldor: Our animals have been behaving strangely, and some of our crops are failing... King Raldor: I would like to ask for your help once again... King Raldor: Can you investigate and find out what's causing this disturbance?... King Raldor: The leader of Boggles definitely knows something about it. I don't think it will be possible to interrogate him, perhaps violence is the only way to reason with them.

Act II: Disturbance in the Mountains

  • Now you have to face the leader of the Boggles:

Levitate on the waterfall, if you can't access the waterfall you need to go on top of the mountain and move stone to block the wather flow













Act II: Fairy's Guidance

  • Queen Naya asked for you found her wand, follow this way:


Act II: Destroying the war machines

  • After retrieve Naya's wand she will ask for you destroy 3 catapults:
    • One can be found near the entrance of the first Boggles spawn.
    • The other two can be found near the entrance of the second Boggles spawn.


  • After destroy all the 3 catapults back to speak with Queen Naya.
  • Queen Naya asks you to:
    • Kill 1000 Boggles
    • Kill 600 Centaurs

Boggle task.JPG Centaur task.JPG

Conversation with Queen Naya
Queen Naya: Welcome!

Player: mission Queen Naya: Thank you. Fear not, for with my royal magic wand in hand, we shall be able to vanquish the malevolent Boggles and bring peace to the islands once more... Queen Naya: As for the knowledge you seek, the magical creatures of these floating isles are intricately connected to the immense sky crystals... Queen Naya: These crystals lie buried deep within the land. There are three in total, but their guardians have become tainted and corrupted... Queen Naya: To cleanse the crystals, these guardians must be defeated and their darkness purged.

Act II: Great Sky Crystals

Conversation with King Raldor
Player: mission

King Raldor: The sky crystals were corrupted?! It all now makes sense. We are lucky to have someone as strong as you on our side... King Raldor: Thanks to you the balance has been restored to the land, however it will take time before the creatures calm down and return to their old ways... King Raldor: My spies have uncovered who is behind all of this madness... King Raldor: Once upon a time a wizard of Arcanum appeared on the floating islands due to a failed teleportation experiment... King Raldor: At first, he was helping the people of Falcon but then his curious mind got obsessed with sky crystals and their gravity-defying properties... King Raldor: My royal diviner Natael will tell you more about this evil wizard. Go meet him hero and see what can be done.

Conversation with Natael
Player: mission

Natael: You're the hero the king was talking about! I have gathered all data we have regarding Celebril... Natael: He is currently within his magical citadel that is sealed away from all intruders by an ancient spell... Natael: Along with it there are three magical towers that are empowering the seal of that place... Natael: If we even want to get close to his citadel, we will first need to disable the magical crystals that empower each one of them... Natael: Thats what you should focus on now. Return to me when it will be done.


    • Destroy the first crystal here:


    • Destroy the second crystal here:





    • Destroy the third crystal here:


  • After destroy the 3 Crystals, speak again with Natael:
Conversation with Natael
Player: mission

Natael: With the magical crystals cleansed we can now focus on the second protective measure - the magic barrier... Natael: To break it, we will need a holy oil made from certain ingredients from creatures of the land... Natael: With them, I can craft a potent banishing mixture... Natael: Bring me 6 pixie dusts, 4 pegasus hoofs, 35 fairy wings and lastly, a pegasus feather.

Act II: Banishing Mixture

  • After you bring all items above, he asks you to bring an ancient feather from the royal griffin Vazurak:

Way to Vazurak, there you will find the entrance to the Royal Griffin Lair:



Act II: Essence of Purity

Conversation with Queen Naya
Player: mission

Queen Naya: I am glad to see that you have succeeded in your quest to cleanse the sky crystals... Queen Naya: It is a great feat that will bring peace and harmony to the floating islands... Queen Naya: I will help you with the transformation of the feather into the essence of purity, but there is one more step that needs to be taken... Queen Naya: The feather must be blessed by a primal magic of centaurs... Queen Naya: Unfortunately, we fairies cannot help you with that. You know what happened recently... Queen Naya: Also, centaurs and we, fairies, have made a pact long ago to stay away from each other... Queen Naya: However, I can tell you that there is a centaur tribe living in a camp to the south... Queen Naya: Perhaps they can help you with the blessing.

WaytoTribemaster Kehan.PNG


After you finish the task speak with Tribemaster Kehan:

Conversation with Tribemaster Kehan
Player: mission

Tribemaster Kehan: Ah, I see you are eager to proceed with the ritual... Tribemaster Kehan: But before that, let me remind you of the importance of emotions in primal magic... Tribemaster Kehan: It's not just about throwing mana around like a common mage. No, no, no... Tribemaster Kehan: It's about channeling your deepest feelings into the spell, unleashing their raw power... Tribemaster Kehan: And what better way to do that than by participating in the centaur's sacred gladiator battle?... Tribemaster Kehan: Oh, don't worry, you won't be fighting me, although that would be amusing... Tribemaster Kehan: No, no, no. You will be fighting my minions, the ones I deem unworthy of my greatness... Tribemaster Kehan: And if you manage to survive, which I doubt, you will have the emotional fuel necessary to complete the ritual... Tribemaster Kehan: Aren't you lucky to be under my guidance? Haha.

Sacred Gladiator Battle entrance.PNG


Conversation with Tribemaster Kehan
Player: mission

Tribemaster Kehan: Your fighting abilities are superior to mine. You have earned yourself the honor to be seen as one of us... Tribemaster Kehan: Now, hand me the feather I have to channel this primal magic into it... Tribemaster Kehan: Tabernum... Tribemaster Kehan: Este fuele... Tribemaster Kehan: Sacrum et luna!... Tribemaster Kehan: And it is done. The feather is now imbued with the most raw form of magic.

Conversation with Queen Naya
Player: mission

Queen Naya: I can hardly believe it! You have managed to convince the centaurs to assist us? That is no easy feat!... Queen Naya: But with their emotions and my magic, we are finally able to transform the feather into the essence of purity... Queen Naya: You truly are remarkable. Let me begin... Queen Naya: Tarum... Queen Naya: Silmane'sa... Queen Naya: Meh'el tar!... Queen Naya: Here. Take this essence of purity with you, it shall banish any dark magic in the floating lands.

Conversation with Natael
Player: mission

Natael: Excellent job! With all the ingredients gathered, we are one step closer to breaking the spell... Natael: However, we still need to uncover the special magic word combination to complete the ritual... Natael: The only place where such ancient knowledge might be preserved is the ruins of Ghibli... Natael: We must search for the text of the ancient prayer used by magicians... Natael: It may be a challenging task, but I trust your abilities... Natael: Keep your guard up on this quest, they say that those ruins are haunted. You should be able to get there by your flying ship.

Act II: Ruins of Ghibli

Ghibli travel.PNG

Shovel grave.PNG

  • Speak 'mission' to Harin:


  • Use the parchment:


The note reads as follows:
Five lines, a mournful song for the flute. Breathe life into the reed, heal hearts of ages past with this haunting melody.

The rest of the paper is covered in strange symbols that seem to be the notes to play this song.

Conversation with Harin
Player: mission

Harin: You brought such a incredible instrument just for me? I don't know what to say... Harin: I lied, I am not having the time of my life, in fact I am bored beyond belief... Harin: This instrument will make my unlife so much nicer... Harin: You came here because you seek the ancient prayer of the magicians?... Harin: I'm afraid your informant was mistaken, for all those prayers were written on paper and have long since decayed... Harin: But wait, there may still be hope... Harin: Inside the ruined castle of Ghibli, there is a prayer etched in stone... Harin: However, currently there is no way to enter the castle... Harin: There is one magician who fled the destruction of Ghibli and currently lives in his tower in the cloud island... Harin: If you mention my name to him, perhaps he will help you get inside the castle with his magic... Harin: But be warned, he is not easily persuaded... Harin: He lives in a temple built on top of the great cloud. North-east from Falcon... Harin: Not many know about it, because the way to get there seems dangerous but is completely safe. Just hop into a tornado north of Falcon and the winds will take you there... Harin: When you meet Maharet tell him to visit me sometime, its been a while since I seen his ugly mug... Harin: Thanks for everything. I will focus on reminding myself how to use this darn instrument.


Act III: Sky Wizard

  • Follow this way:


  • Enter on the tornado


  • Find Maharet and ask for 'mission':


Conversation with Maharet
Player: mission

Maharet: Ah, I see you have found your way to my humble abode on the clouds... Maharet: It's rare for outsiders to venture up here. You must be quite skilled to have made it this far... Maharet: And it seems you possess the royal feather, which tells me that you're on a mission of great importance... Maharet: Harin sent you? I haven't visited him for a while now, thanks for reminding me about that old fool!... Maharet: But I'm afraid I cannot help you just yet. I hold a grudge against the king of Falcon, and I'm not willing to assist his allies... Maharet: If you want my help, you must first gain my trust. There's a task that needs to be done, and only then will I consider helping you... Maharet: You see, the only way to enter the ruined castle is by turning into a rotworm... Maharet: It's a technique that only a few select magicians know, and I happen to be one of them... Maharet: But before I can teach you, you'll need to do something for me... Maharet: I'm tired of those pesky elementals disrupting my meditation... Maharet: Kill at least 135 of air elementals, 180 of storm elementals and bring me 5 storm essences. Then I'll consider teaching you what you need to know.

Airtasks.PNG Stormtasks.PNG

Act III: Sethemet of Osaris


  • Follow the patch to the 12 pillars:


  • Activate them in the following sequence:
    • 1, 2, 5, 7, 11.



  • After defeat Pharaoh Sethemet inside the dungeon, speak with him.

Act III: Frozen Queen Xatra




  • After defeat Xatra speak with Maharet and you will receive the ability to enter some holes:


Act III: The Tower of Celebril



Act III: Asking for assistance



Act III: Dragon's Scream


Act III: Imprisoned Dragons


After release all dragons, back to Qimmar.

Act III: Dragon King

Obsidian Step.PNG

  • After finish the tasks speak again with Qimmar:
Conversation with Qimmar
Player: mission

Qimmar: You have singlehandedly destroyed half of king's army. I have never expected that a human can be this strong... Qimmar: Now we have our chance, we need to hurry before he gathers more strength... Qimmar: As dragons age, their natural gift becomes stronger and more powerful... Qimmar: Some use fire, while others use sound or other means to destroy their enemies... Qimmar: But the dragon king's gift is unlike any other. It's said that his gift burns hotter than the sun itself... Qimmar: His hot fire is capable of melting anything in its path except for one thing - the scales of Umos himself... Qimmar: You will need to enter our holy temple and retrieve the great scales of Umos to create an armor that will protect you from this heat.

  • Now go follow this way:


  • Pull the lever to open the Teleport: (care in this room have 2 Ancient Dragon)


  • To open the gate you have to kill the 2 Lions (Pyroshade and Umbramane):




  • Take the scale in the end:


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