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Mittenhoff Icon.png Mittenhoff Map.png

Mittenhoff is an underground dwarven city located under a mountain range in the center of the Medivian continent, it can be reached by boat, by gryphon or by walking from any of the other four cities on the main continent. Mittenhoff is under the rule of Emperor Thramril.
The city is a true wonder of architecture, hewn from stone deep beneath the Mittenhoff mountains and volcano. The dwarves pride themselves on their mines which produce vast amounts of ores and gems for trade.

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.





Mittenhoff NPCs

Aggat.png Aggat Map.png Priest
Captain Urbor.png Captain Urbor Map.png Ship Captain
Krupf.png Krupf Map.png Gryphon Caretaker
Murbom.png Murbom Map.png Postdwarf
Brokk.png Brokk Map.png Banker
Medivia 3t69F1AR0w.png Bardin Map.png Banker
Grazlin.png Grazlin Map.png Great Blacksmith
Daguz.png Daguz Map.png Task Master
Mittenhoff Guard.png Mittenhoff Guard Map.png City Guard
Hagrin.png Hagrin Map.png Equipment Trader
Urgrim.png Urgrim Map.png Rune and Potion Trader
Mutig.png Mutig Map.png Ammunition Trader
Dosli.png Dosli Map.png Armor Trader
Glorin.png Glorin Map.png Weapon Trader
Rorin.png Rorin Map.png Jeweller
Tuggot.png Tuggot Map.png Druid and Mage Spell Teacher
Rudgrok.png Rudgrok Map.png Knight and Archer Spell Teacher
Emperor Thramril.png Emperor Thramril Map.png Emperor of Mittenhoff
Thingrim.png Thingrim Map.png Master Brewer
Bretrana.png Bretrana Map.png Lorekeeper
Tomli Torunn.png Tomli Torunn Map.png Torunn Clan Elder
Nonwen.png Nonwen Map.png Stonemason
Ardurim.png Ardurim Map.png Tailor
Durak.png Durak Map.png Rabbit Farmer
Lokgruck.png Lokgruck Map.png Brewer
Kunur Redbeard.png Kunur Redbeard Map.png Redbeard Clan Elder
Mareana.png Mareana Map.png Chronicler
Jalonna.png Jalonna Map.png Boar Farmer
Ruran Duringsold.png Ruran Duringsold Map.png Duringsold Clan Elder
Pyron.png Pyron Map.png Elementalist
Damli Battlehammer.png Damli Battlehammer Map.png Battlehammer Clan Elder
Vega Ironjaw.png Vega Ironjaw Map.png Ironjaw Clan Elder
Snorri.png Snorri Map.png Great Forge Blacksmith
Jotunn.png Jotunn Map.png Great Forge Blacksmith
Vubur.png Vubur Map.png Mushroom Farmer
Hargin.png Hargin Map.png Blacksmith
Sasin.png Sasin Map.png Barkeep