Dwarf Faction

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Dwarf General.png Dwarf Faction

Once completed:

Location: Mittenhoff and all around Medivia
Level required: 0
Items required: Rope, Shovel, Pick, Bow, Destroy Field runes
Be prepared to face: Trolls, Mutated Rats, Wild Warriors, Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Guards, Dwarf Renegade, Hirnus Bloodhoof, Corrupted Watchers
Legend: The dwarves need your help to fight their enemies. Can you ascend in their ranks?
32px-Important Icon.png This article may contain quest spoiling information!
  • To start you will need to talk to Emperor Thramril. He is located in his throneroom in Mittenhoff (here).
  • You have to greet him with "hail emperor" to start a conversation. After that, ask him to "join".
Conversation with Emperor Thramril & Questlog Update
Player: hail emperor

Emperor Thramril: Hello, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child. Player: join Emperor Thramril: Bhahaha, a human wants to join the dwarven ranks? Well, I suppose it could not hurt to recruit a reliable fighter from another race... Emperor Thramril: And I could most certainly use someone who is not afraid to get his hands dirty... Emperor Thramril: Nevertheless, you will first have to prove your worthiness. I cannot risk recruiting a filthy spy... Emperor Thramril: We have been having a bit of a troll problem recently. Their hideout located north east of Mittenhoff is getting bigger and bigger. We fear they might eventually reach our mines... Emperor Thramril: Trolls are weaklings. I sent one of my guards into their hideout to execute their leader but he has not yet returned... Emperor Thramril: There is no way he was stopped by a bunch of trolls so either their leader is no troll or he ran into different troubles... Emperor Thramril: Go into the troll hideout and search for him. While you there you might aswell search for their leader and kill him. Bring back my guard or any proof of his whereabouts.

For Mittenhoff!
Emperor Thramril asked you to search for one of his servants. He mentioned that you should search the Troll camp north east of the Mittenhoff.

  • The Emperor will ask you to find out what happened to his guard that disappeared. He suggests you search for him in the Troll Cave north-east of Mittenhoff (north of Arak), the way is shown in the image below:


  • You will find the dead body of a Dwarf Guard on the last floor as shown in the yellow circle.

You inspect the dead body. It must be the Emperor's guard. You take his shield as proof of his demise.

  • Return to the Emperor with the Dwarven Shield and tell him about the "mission". You will be accepted into the Dwarf Faction.
Conversation with Emperor Thramril & Questlog Update
Player: hail emperor

Emperor Thramril: Hello, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child. Player: mission Emperor Thramril: Did you find my guard? Player: yes Emperor Thramril: That's his shield indeed. He was a loyal servant. Did not deserve to die like that. You have proven yourself. I welcome you in the dwarven faction, brother!

For Mittenhoff!
You found the Emperor's servant in the Troll camp and reported back to him.

Mission 2 - Mutated Rats

  • Ask the emperor for another mission. Your next task is to slay 400 Mutated Rats.
Conversation with Emperor Thramril
Player: hail Emperor

Emperor Thramril: Hiho, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child. Player: mission Emperor Thramril: Now that you are one of us you may use the great forge. Just talk to Grazlin about it. He might still have some advanced picks for sale but you mine at your own time... Emperor Thramril: For now I will need you to help us with ensuring our gold flow from the mines. You did good with the troll problem but that one is not the only one with problems... Emperor Thramril: Recently we have had issues with huge rats. They are pathetic creatures and barely a threat. Nevertheless, I cannot have my workers slay mutated rats while they could be mining gold... Emperor Thramril: I need you to go out and search for those rats. You will not necessarily find them in the mines since we quickly take care of those once they decided to attack us... Emperor Thramril: Either way, every rat you kill diminishes their population. Go and slay 400 of them. Are you willing to do that? Player: yes Emperor Thramril: Perfect! Come back to me once you are done.

Conversation with Emperor Thramril
Player: hail Emperor

Emperor Thramril: Hiho, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child. Player: mission Emperor Thramril: Take this as the sign of our gratitude. Come back to me once you are ready to work some more.

Mission 3 - The Outlaws' Taxes

  • Ask the Emperor for another "mission". He will tell you that Crispy Face and P.K. from the Outlaw Camp have not been paying their taxes and that he requires you to go and collect them.
Conversation with Emperor Thramril
Player: hail Emperor

Emperor Thramril: Hiho, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child. Player: mission Emperor Thramril: You did a good job slaying those dirty rats and your actions have already had an impact... Emperor Thramril: My workers report far less rat attacks during the last few days which is a great thing... Emperor Thramril: Less attacks equals more time mining equals more gold, ain't that right? Bhahaha... Emperor Thramril: Anyways, you are here for another mission and I got one for you. Not a lot of people know this but the outlaw camp south of the Jakundaf Desert still belongs to Mittenhoff... Emperor Thramril: I need you to go there and collect the taxes from Crispy Face and P.K. They have not been paying for too long. Those fools think they are above the law just because they are part of the outlaws... Emperor Thramril: But not with me. They will pay their fair share aswell. Give them a visit and collect the taxes. Do whatever it takes to make them pay up... Emperor Thramril: But no blood, I cannot risk having a bunch of outlaws riot up against us with the tension between all the other races.

  • Head to the Outlaw Camp and speak with Crispy Face first about "taxes". He will tell you that he is happy to pay once you bring him a Bow. You can loot one from a Hunter nearby or, alternatively, get it from a weapon shop.
Conversation with Crispy Face
Player: hi

Crispy Face: Hi Player. Come in and have a drink. Player: taxes Crispy Face: What? Emperor Thramril sent you to collect my taxes? A human? Was the trip too long for a dwarf with their short legs? ... Crispy Face: Well, I do not want to cause any troubles. Besides, with our new outlaw leader the mead is flowing better than ever before... Crispy Face: I will give you the coin for Emperor Grumpy but in return I will have to ask you to bring me a bow... Crispy Face: I used to be a great archer until I lost my eye and I would very much like to practice my art again... Crispy Face: You can buy one in Arak or you could try and steal one from the hunters located further south but do not tell anyone I sent you.

  • Once you have a Bow, return to Crispy Face and mention the "bow". He will give you 3,600 gp for the taxes.
Conversation with Crispy Face
Player: hi

Crispy Face: Hi Player. Come in and have a drink. Player: bow Crispy Face: Did you bring me a bow? Player: yes Crispy Face: A fine bow indeed. And here you go, the taxes for the emperor.

  • Now head to P.K. and talk to him about the "taxes". He will then give you 4,300 gp.
Conversation with P.K.
Player: hi

P.K.: Hmmm. I buy weapons, armor, and other stuff. What do you want, Player? Player: taxes P.K.: So Crispy Face finally decided to pay up? That money I want to see with my own eyes! Do you have it with you? Player: yes P.K.: Those are his coins indeed. Time for me to pay up aswell then. Here you go.

Conversation with Emperor Thramril
Player: hail Emperor

Emperor Thramril: Hiho, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child. Player: mission Emperor Thramril: Did you manage to obtain the money from Crispy Face and P.K.? Player: yes Emperor Thramril: Thank you. Take this for your service. Come back if you are looking for some more work.

Mission 4 - Minotaur Archers

  • Ask the Emperor for a new "mission", he will tell you that his scouts have noticed an alarming amount of minotaurs beginning to arm themselves.
  • He asks you to slay 950 Minotaur Archer in an effort to help distract them and give them emperor time to build his army.
  • A good place for this task would be the Mittenhoff Minotaur Hideout, located here Map.png.
  • Another good spot is underground in the Horned Citadel, eastof Osaris, located here Map.png.
  • Minoras could be another option but not the best choice since it's pretty far.
  • If you are high level enough (for speed) and you have enough progress on The Minotaur Faction (mission 2 finished) you can use the raft system between Horned Citadel and Minoras to kill way more Minotaur Archers instead of waiting for respawn at one spot.
  • After finishing the task, return to the Emperor and talk about the "mission". You will be rewarded with 100,000 Experience.
Transcripts/Mission 4
Player: hail emperor

Emperor Kruzak: Hiho, may Fire and Earth bless you, my child. Player: mission Emperor Kruzak: Thanks again for teaching those two a lession. Let's hope they will keep paying themselves from now on... Emperor Kruzak: Anyways, this is irrelevant for now. We have bigger problems. My scouts are reporting of the minotaurs armoring up. They seem to get ready for war... Emperor Kruzak: I cannot allow that. We have to strike first! But we are not ready yet... Emperor Kruzak: I need you to keep them busy. Go into one of their hideouts or even Minoras and slaugther as many of them as you can... Emperor Kruzak: A human killing minotaurs left and right should keep them busy for a while. We can use that time to get our troops ready... Emperor Kruzak: Are you willing to hunt down 950 of their archers for us? Player: yes Emperor Kruzak: I honestly appreciate it. I know it cannot be easy for you to hunt down another race but it has to be done.

Mission 5 - Minotaur Guards

  • Emperor Thramril will tell you that more attacks have been occuring on the dwarven race and that he suspect the elves might have something to do with it, though he is not certain so he will not risk spilling blood. He wants you to continue disrupting the minotaur forces while he figures it out.
  • He will ask you to slay 650 Minotaur Guard in order to keep the minotaurs busy.
  • A good place for this task would be underground in the Horned Citadel, east of Osaris, located here Map.png.
  • Another good spot for this task is Minoras, the city of minotaurs.
  • You can use the same strategy of Minotaur Archers for Minotaur Guards with the raft system, going back and forth between Horned Citadel and Minoras.
  • After finishing the task, return to the emperor and talk about the "mission". You will be rewarded with 130,000 Experience.

Mission 6 - Dwarf Renegade

  • Ask for another "Mission" and the Emperor will tell you that they have tracked down who is responsible for the smaller attacks: a Dwarf Renegade that was personally trained by the emperor himself when younger. The emperor will ask you to execute him.
  • The Dwarf Renegade can be only faced in a boss room located here Map.png. To get to the room you have to pull the lever that can be found behind the sealed door.
    • Warning: the Dwarf Renegade is a strong creature so be prepared. A video of slaying the boss can be found [ here ]
  • Once you kill him, return to the emperor and he will reward you with a Bone Basher.

Mission 7 - Information Gathering

  • Full mission video
  • Once you ask the Emperor for a new "mission" he will tell you that whenever a new dwarven king is crowned a great axe is forged. He is going to ask you to help him find the great axe his father used to wield. He will send you to an informant in Winterbay that runs the local bar and ask you to follow any leads that the informant gives you.
  • The informant, Scott, can be found here Map.png. Ask him about a "Great Axe" and he will inform you that a minotaur leader could be the one who has the emperor's axe. You'll have to find more information about him.
  • There is a minotaur who is willing to talk who lives under Erebus's Castle. The minotaur in question is Kirkarat and he is hiding in the caves of Mejborn.
    • Go to the cave on Mejborn here Map.png.
    • Follow the path south to get key 4503.
    • Return to the stairs and follow the other path, use the key to open the door on the way.
    • Once you reach the room with the fire fields, use a Destroy Field Rune on the fire field as shown and use a pick to open the hidden pickhole. Enter the hole.
    • Go to the place where key 4501 is found as shown on the map below, then go to the room where Kirkarat is behind door 4501.
      Ask Kirkarat about the 'great axe'.
    • In order to get out, you'll need to go up the stairs in the middle and through door 4502.
      Before doing that, you'll need to find the key first.
    • Follow the path to the right and pull the lever as shown.
    • Now follow the path south and go around east and north as shown.
    • Follow the path until you reach the surface and the tower, levitate up, go to the top of the tower and get key 4502 from the chest there.
    • Return the way you came and exit up the double stairs as marked on the previous image.


Mission 8 - Hirnus Bloodhoof

  • While talking to Kirkarat, he'll tell you he doesn't believe that the Horned Fox is using the emperor's father's axe. But when you return with the information to the emperor, he simply refuses to believe it and asks you to kill Hirnus Bloodhoof.
  • Enter the cave here in Mittenhoff and walk west until you find a rope hole and you'll reach the hideout.
  • Hirnus Bloodhoof is in a room accessed by pulling the lever on top of the Minotaur Tower here in Mittenhoff.
Medivia IcvhN3E1Z0.png

  • Return to the emperor after killing Hirnus Bloodhoof and he will reward you with 100,000 Experience.

Mission 9 - Corrupted Watchers

  • The emperor will tell you about a serious incursion of Corrupted Watchers into one of the dwarven mines and will ask you to search for someone who can provide more information on the subject.
  • The NPC we are looking for lives in Minoras: A Prisoner.
  • You'll need Key 3620 to unlock the door that leads to him. This key is located in a drawer here Map.png.
  • After getting the key, you'll find the Prisoner here Map.png.
  • Ask him about the 'mission' and he will tell you how to deal with the corrupted watchers.
  • Now return to Emperor Thramril with the information. He will ask you to slay 250 Corrupted Watcher.
  • You can find Corrupted Watchers deep in the mines, here Map.png.
  • Return to the emperor once the task is finished and talk to him about your "mission" to finish the task and then about an "advancement". He will then make you his right hand and reward you with 200,000 Experience, 10,000 gold and a Royal Dwarf Ring which is required to complete the Imperial Faction.
  • Ask him about an 'outfit' to receive the base Dwarf Outfit and permission for Jotunn to craft the addons for you.
  • You will also be able to:

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