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Forgula is large snowy island located north from the Medivia continent. Due to hard environmental conditions the island is inhabited by creatures which have adapted to cold, which are unlikely to be found anywhere else. Apart from them caves below the surface are crowded by undead monsters of all types. The city called Icenhaal is located deep under north-east part of the island.

To unlock access to Forgula (and Coldridge) you have to complete Exploring the North Quest. You need to be PACC to travel to those islands.
You can travel to Forgula/Coldridge from Northport (or from Mittenhoff /Cirone once you gain access to Icenhaal Steamboat).

Map:(click for full screen)
Forgula map.png

Forgula Wall:
To open the wall you have to pull two levers.

  • First one is located to the left from the bars at +3 floor, you can reach it by simply entering wall structure
  • Second one is located to the right from the bars at +3 floor. The entrence to the wall structer is blocked by closed doors(Key 6033 is required to open) so you have to jump on mountain using Levitate spell.

Remember that wall bars will close after ~3 minutes!
The way back:

If you already cross the wall and want to go back, you have to go to right part of the wall and find pickhole in ice. (here) Using the tunnel you will be able to go to the other side.WARNING: After you leave the tunnel there is a single ice elemental spawn. Dangerous for lower levels.

Forgula Hunting Places:

  • for low-levels(8-60)
    • Frost Trolls
    • Rotworms
    • Mutated Rats - the biggest spawn in the game, perfect for task from Dwarf Faction or training of melee skills
    • Cyclops - nice spawn for a bit higher lvls; the best place for Cyclops Warrior task from Imperial Faction
    • Vampire Nest - good place for Vampire task(especially when Yehsha Tombs are crowded)
  • for mid-levels(60-100)
    • Frost Drakes
    • Snow Ravagers
    • Wendigos
    • Crystalbeasts
    • Pirates
    • Serpentine Tomb (-1 & -2)
    • White Rose Tomb (-1 & -2)
    • Heroes
  • for high-levels(100-150)
    • Frost Dragons
    • Tar Priests
    • Skeleton Tomb
    • Catacombs
  • for high-high-levels(150+)
    • Alphabeasts
    • Serpentine Tomb (-3)
    • Shadow Realm

Forgula Quests:

Forgula Keys:

Keys Type Location Notes
Key 6033


Inside one of the Forgula Wall rooms,
which you can reach by following way to the Catacombs
Opens right part of the Forgula Wall
Key 6044


In a box guarded by 3 Necromancers
on the way to the Lich Hell
Provides a small shortcut to the Lich Hell
Key 6128


On a hill located on the Isle of the Undead Opens Necromantica Tomb on the Isle of the Undead
Key 6320


Top of the tower in Tar Priests Castle Opens doors leading to the Catacombs
Key 6322


In the hidden coffin on the way
to the Catacombs
Provides access to the tower
where you open the hole to Catacombs.