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Icenhaal is a city of ice located deep underground, below Forgula's permafrost.
It is the main city of the massive ice island of Forgula, it can only be accessed via ship after completing the Icenhaal Ship Quest or by a very long walk over and under the island. Parts of it seem to be suspended above bottomless chasms, not much is known about this mysterious city.
Almost all of Icenhaal's NPC's appear to be undead, and all of its infrastrucure and decorations carved out of ice.

For details about the route and access to Icenhaal check:

City map

Markflag.png Ask the city guards for directions to get markers for important locations in the city on your minimap.



Icenhaal NPCs

Nicolas.png Nicolas Map.png Ship Captain
Frances.png Frances Map.png Postman
Xavier.png Xavier Map.png Banker
Skeleton Guard.png Skeleton Guard Map.png City Guard
Deegon.png Deegon Map.png Equipment Trader
Frankie.png Frankie Map.png Rune Trader
Dwell.png Dwell Map.png Rune and Potion Trader
Spec.png Spec Map.png Ammunition Trader
Daevi.png Daevi Map.png Weapon & Armor Trader
Lizbeth.png Lizbeth Map.png Jeweller
Jora.png Jora Map.png Furniture Trader
Larc (Food Shop).png Larc Map.png Food Trader
Yorick.png Yorick Map.png Fisherman
Larc (Innkeeper).png Larc Map.png Innkeeper
Blair.png Blair Map.png Lightbringer Knight