Minotaur Faction

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Minotaur Boss.png Minotaur Faction
Location: Minoras; all over Medivia
Level required: 0
Items required: 50,000 Gold Coins which you get back in the same mission
Be prepared to face: Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Mages, Minotaur Guards, Orc Warriors, Orc Bowmen, Orc Berserkers, Orc Leaders, General Manos
Legend: King Taurin Twinhorn needs help finding out who is killing the minotaurs.
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After the war between the Lightbringers allied with the minotaurs and the Imperial army, many Lightbringers were captured and killed. Taurin Twinhorn was also captured but released by Emperor Arsene to avoid chaos among the minotaur race. However, Emperor Arsene kept Taurin Twinhorn's powerful dagger that was given to him by a powerful warlock.

Head to Taurin Twinhorn via the Route to Minoras and ask him to "Join" and then for a "Mission". He requires you to prove your loyalty and asks you to retrieve his dagger from Emperor Arsene. Go to Emperor Arsene and ask him about "dagger". The king will, however, tell you that he has given the dagger to the orc king as a token of trust and you will have to go back to Taurin Twinhorn and say "Mission".

Mission 2: Orc Warriors

Taurin Twinhorn will tell you that his allies near Mittenhoff have reported some losses by an unknown attacker. So, Taurin Twinhorn will ask you to kill 1000 Orc Warriors to set back the orc power. The best place to do this task is either in the Garrogat Orc Cave or in Mejborn (50~ Orc Warriors spawn). You can sail to Mejborn with a raft here. Go down the hole here and then go to the pickhole mark as shown below, use a pick on the dirt on the shown tile, the floor below has many orc warriors.

When you are done, speak to Taurin and say "mission". You will be rewarded with 125,000 Experience and you will be able to use the Minotaur Raft System to sail between the Osaris Horned Citadel and Minoras (hi > passage > yes).

Mission 3: Isingoma's Dagger

Ask Taurin Twinhorn about another "mission". He will send you to Osaris to check if Lihsha is in possession of one of Isingoma's daggers. You have to visit her but she will send you to Ziyad. He will sell you the Drained Spellpower Dagger for 50,000 gp. After purchasing it return to Taurin Twinhorn and report the mission. You will be rewarded with 5 crystal coins to compensate for your expenses.

Mission 4: Orc Bowmen

Taurin Twinhorn will tell you that the orcs still seem to be killing their men in Mittenhoff, so he instructs you to hunt down 750 Orc Bowmen. You can see a good way of doing it here. When you finish this task, he will reward you with a piece of Heliodor Ore.

Mission 5: Orc Berserkers

Taurin Twinhorn will tell you that General Manos has reported Orc Berserkers building a secret tunnel to minotaur encampments in the great river deep underneath Medivia and slaying the minotaurs in their sleep. He will ask you to kill 650 Orc Berserkers. When you finish this task, you will be rewarded with 125,000 Experience.

Mission 6: Orc Leaders

Taurin Twinhorn will tell you that it is hard to judge whether your actions have reduced their losses, but once you are done with your next mission the orcs forces should be greatly diminished. He will ask you to kill 550 Orc Leaders this time. When you finish this task, he will reward you with a Heliodor Bar.

Mission 7: Slaying General Manos

Taurin Twinhorn will tell you that the orcs weren't responsible for the minotaur deaths after all. In fact it was his own General Manos that had been killing his own men in order to deceive Taurin Twinhorn into going after the orcs. Manos betrayed his king because he was seeking revenge after an orc warlord murdered his wife. Taurin Twinhorn will ask you to slay General Manos. Taurin Twinhorn will have General Manos be in the new laboratory for you to ambush him. You can find him here (video example of the fight).
The reward for killing him is 100,000 Experience.

You will also be rewarded with a Royal Minotaur Ring which is needed to complete the Imperial Faction and Taurin Twinhorn will be willing to craft a belt for the Warrior Outfit for you if you collect the necessary ingredients.

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