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Location: Travels daily between these three locations:
  • Yehsha, near the west gate (here Map.png)
  • Osaris, south of the Caliph's palace (here Map.png)
  • South of his house, east of the mountain passage (here Map.png)
Occupation:Travelling Merchant
Notes:Ziyad buys a wide variety of low to high value items. Keep in mind that in order to trade with him, you need to complete the Loyality and Devotion Quest first.

Image: Name: Price:
Shakirianian Mace.png Shakirian Mace 80 gp
Bone Shield.gif Bone Shield 100 gp
Crystal ring.gif Crystal Ring 100 gp
Silver Brooch.gif Silver Brooch 125 gp
Heavy machete.png Heavy Machete 130 gp
Scarab Coin.gif Scarab Coin 150 gp
Bone Sword.png Bone Sword 220 gp
Aquamarine.gif Aquamarine 350 gp
Ancient Amulet.gif Ancient Amulet 500 gp
Scarab amulet.png Scarab Amulet 500 gp
Silver Dagger.png Silver Dagger 500 gp
Pipe.gif Smoking Pipe 600 gp
Ruby Necklace.gif Ruby Necklace 900 gp
Assassin Dagger.png Assassin Dagger 1,000 gp
Shakirian .png Shakirian Waraxe 1,000 gp
Devil Helmet.png Devil Helmet 1,000 gp
Mystic Turban.png Mystic Turban 1,000 gp
Shakirian spellbook.png Shakirian Spellbook 1,350 gp
Platinum amulet.png Platinum Amulet 1,500 gp
Scarab shield.png Scarab Shield 1,500 gp
Golden Amulet.png Golden Amulet 1,600 gp
Watcher Helmet.png Watcher Helmet 2,500 gp
Imperial Soldier Shield.png Imperial Soldier Shield 3,000 gp
Tortoise boots.png Tortoise Boots 3,500 gp
Gatecrasher.png Gatecrasher 4,000 gp
Wandoflight plz.gif Wand of Light 4,000 gp
Light Sword.png Light Sword 4,500 gp
Imperial Soldier Armor.png Imperial Soldier Armor 5,500 gp
Shakirian Wand.gif Shakirian Wand 6,000 gp
Nether Shield.png Nether Shield 6,600 gp
26416.png The Stinger 7,000 gp
Medusa shield.png Medusa Shield 8,000 gp
Bright Sword.png Bright Sword 8,000 gp
Transparent.png Gold Ring 8,000 gp
Guardian Halberd.png Guardian Halberd 8,000 gp
Shakirian shield1.png Shakirian Shield 11,300 gp
Grimboots.png Grim Boots 10,000 gp
Swinging Demolisher.png Swinging Demolisher 16,000 gp
Crystallized Shield.png Crystallized Shield 16,000 gp
Imperial Soldier Legs.png Imperial Soldier Legs 20,000 gp
Arming sword.png Arming Sword 20,000 gp
Golden Armor.png Golden Armor 20,000 gp
Ring of the Sky.gif Ring of the Sky 20,000 gp
Bascinet.png Bascinet 24,000 gp
Huntsman Armor.png Huntsman Armor 25,000 gp
Frozen Shield.png Frozen Shield 29,000 gp
Steel boots.png Steel Boots 30,000 gp
Dragon Scale Mail.png Dragon Scale Mail 30,000 gp
Demon Shield.png Demon Shield 30,000 gp
Grim Legs.png Grim Legs 30,000 gp
Castle shield.png Castle Shield 35,000 gp
Heavy Halberd.png Heavy Halberd 35,000 gp
Heavy Mace.png Heavy Mace 35,000 gp
Shakirian Blade.gif Shakirian Blade 35,000 gp
Hellforged shield.png Hellforged Shield 36,000 gp
Dragon Slayer.png Dragon Slayer 40,000 gp
Elite Knight Boots.png Elite Knight Boots 40,000 gp
Executioner's sword.png Executioner's Sword 45,000 gp
Mercenary Sword.png Mercenary Sword 45,000 gp
Holy Scepter.png Holy Scepter 50,000 gp
Elite Knight Helmet.png Elite Knight Helmet 52,000 gp
Crescent Axe.png Crescent Axe 60,000 gp
Crescent Mace.png Crescent Mace 60,000 gp
Crescent Sword.png Crescent Sword 60,000 gp
Elite Knight Legs.png Elite Knight Legs 60,000 gp
Venomous Mace.png Venomous Mace 75,000 gp
Elite Knight Armor.png Elite Knight Armor 80,000 gp