Loyality and Devotion Quest

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Ziyad.png Loyality and Devotion Quest
Reward: Abillity to trade with Ziyad and a Camel Trophy
Location: Yehsha, Osaris
Level required: -
Be prepared to face: Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard, Minotaur Mage, Slave Hunter, Slave Guard
Legend: Gain the Traveller's trust to be able to trade with him!
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Mission 1

  • Note that in the first mission the Slave Hunter and Slave Guard are dangerous at low levels. It is advisable to do this mission from level 40+.
  • Ten en cuenta que en la primera misión los Slave Hunter y Slave Guard son peligrosos a niveles bajos. Es recomendable hacer esta misión a partir de nivel 40+.
  • Ziyad will tell you he's suspicious of strangers and will ask you to complete three tasks before he will be able to trust you.
  • The first task is finding him a pair of Shakirian Sandals which you can find in a camp of Slave hunters and Shakirian Guards north west of Yehsha. Follow the directions below, get the sandals and bring them to Ziyad.
  • After completing the first task you can trade items valued up to 1,000 gp.
  • Ziyad te dirá que sospecha de los extraños y te pedirá que completes tres tareas antes de poder confiar en ti.
  • La primer tarea es encontrarle un par de sandalias de Shakirian que puedes encontrar en un campamento de cazadores de esclavos y guardias de Shakirian al noroeste de Yehsha. Sigue las instrucciones a continuación, consigue las sandalias y llévalas a Ziyad.
  • Después de completar la primera tarea, puedes intercambiar artículos valorados en hasta 1000 gp.



Mission 2

  • This time Ziyad will ask you to retrieve a bag he dropped being chased by minotaurs. The bag contains stuff that is valuable to him.
  • You can find the minotaur camp east of Osaris.
  • Make sure you have got enough capacity to carry it. NOTE: backpack of goods. It weighs 40.0 oz.
  • After completing the second task you can trade items valued up to 8,000 gp.



Mission 3


  • This time your mission is to come to an agreement with the stable master in Osaris. Issues with rent in the past have led to Ziyad not being allowed to leave his camel at the stable masters care. Convince Akil to once more let Ziyad leave his camel at the stable when he's in town to trade his goods.
  • Akil will demand that you pay him 5000 gold coins to compensate for the rent that Ziyad owes him.
  • Dialogue with Akil: hi, ziyad, mission, sorry, agreement, yes


  • Return to Ziyad and say mission to report how things went.
  • You have earned the trust of Ziyad and can now fully trade with him. He will also give you 2500 gold coins and a Camel Trophy.

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