Golden Armor

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Golden Armor
You see a Golden Armor (Arm:14). 
It weighs 80.0 oz.
It's an enchanted armor.
 Superior (1), Fortitude (+1 HP per 2 ticks), Lean (-30), Resistance (Energy, 2%)
Description:It's an enchanted armor.
Weight:80.0 oz
Dropped by:Warlock, Walius, Red Wyvern, Priest of Light, Priestess of Light, Undead Titan, Gorgon, Chimera, Abomination, Shadow Drake, Phoenix, Succubus, Blood Sphinx, Ritualist
Buy from:Players only.
Sell to:
ArakTravelling Merchant (1,500 gp)
OsarisZiyad (20,000 gp; only after completing the Loyality and Devotion Quest)
Outlaw CampP.K. (580 gp)
Craft for:10 Chalcopyrite Bar.gif Chalcopyrite Bars, 20 Vanadinite Bar.gif Vanadinite Bars, 14 Gold Bar.gif Gold Bars, 1 Heliodor Bar.gif Heliodor Bar (Grazlin, Mittenhoff)
Note:Can be obtained in the Titan Quest.

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