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The Floating Islands are a series of levitating islands off the south-west coast of the mainland continent. One of the islands is home to the levitating archipelago's center of civilization, the city of Falcon.

The Floating Islands update introduces an expansive series of islands with plenty of mystical new creatures, items, mid-high level hunting places, a major questline ending in 2 repeatable Dungeons, 4 repeatable boss fights, several new gameplay features and more!

To access Falcon and the islands you are required to have completed the Dwarf Faction and have at least 50 task points which are obtained by completing Tasks from the Huntsman Guild and Tylar. Check the task menu in-game to see your progress.

Temporary lists below will show new creatures and items found on the Floating Islands as they are discovered and shared with us.
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Falcon Icon.png
The Explorers Guild
The Solar Deity Quest.gif The Solar Deity Quest The Solar Deity Quest.gif


Image: Name: Experience: Hitpoints:
Big Firefly2.png Big Firefly 0 Exp 150 HP
Boggle Grappler.png Boggle Grappler 2,500 Exp 2,440 HP
Boggle Trickster.png Boggle Trickster 2,560 Exp 2,365 HP
Boggle Mauler.png Boggle Mauler 2,680 Exp 2,670 HP
Centaur Windrider.png Centaur Windrider 9,450 Exp 11,200 HP
Centaur Guardian.png Centaur Guardian 11,060 Exp 12,300 HP
Centaur Warmaster.png Centaur Warmaster 11,950 Exp 13,000 HP
Centaur Mystic.png Centaur Mystic 9,150 Exp 10,800 HP
Fairy Songbird.png Fairy Songbird 13,280 Exp 13,900 HP
Fairy Enchantress.png Fairy Enchantress 12,800 Exp 14,500 HP
Fairy Faeblade.png Fairy Faeblade 13,760 Exp 14,400 HP
Fairy Seraph.png Fairy Seraph 15,200 Exp 16,000 HP
Pegasus.png Pegasus 69,400 Exp 49,000 HP
Magma Dragon.png Magma Dragon 23,400 Exp 24,600 HP
Obsidian Dragon.png Obsidian Dragon 37,400 Exp 37,800 HP
Ancient Dragon.png Ancient Dragon 45,400 Exp 44,300 HP
Air Elemental.PNG Air Elemental 16,000 Exp 16,800 HP
Storm Elemental.png Storm Elemental 16,800 Exp 17,400 HP
Stormbringer.PNG Stormbringer 31,900 Exp 29,000 HP
Water Elemental.png Water Elemental 16,100 Exp 16,700 HP
Bronze Fungi.png Bronze Fungi 4,370 Exp 4,200 HP
Blazeclaw.png Blazeclaw 12,000 Exp 16,000 HP
Frostclaw.png Frostclaw 12,000 Exp 16,000 HP
Blight Omen.png Blight Omen 16,600 Exp 17,200 HP

Equipment Pieces

Image: Name: Arm: Weight:
Falcon Helmet.png Falcon Helmet 12 44.0 oz
Falcon Armor.png Falcon Armor 16 58.0 oz
Falcon Legs.png Falcon Legs 11 52.0 oz
Falcon Boots.png Falcon Boots 11 52.0 oz
Celestial Veil.png Celestial Veil 2 14.0 oz
Pegasus Helmet.png Pegasus Helmet 11 34.0 oz
Infernoscale Helmet.png Infernoscale Helmet 10 55.0 oz
Trinity Mask.png Trinity Mask 8 20.0 oz
Pyroweave Mask.png Pyroweave Mask 7 18.0 oz
Fluxweave Mask.png Fluxweave Mask 7 18.0 oz
Hydroweave Mask.png Hydroweave Mask 7 18.0 oz
Infernoscale Armor.png Infernoscale Armor 18 76.0 oz
Imagemissing.png Infernal Scaleplate 19 76.0 oz
Infernoscale Legs.png Infernoscale Legs 10 65.0 oz
Faeryglow Legs.png Faeryglow Legs 9 22.0 oz
Faeryglow Skirt.png Faeryglow Skirt ? ? oz
Frostbind Legs.png Frostbind Legs 12 47.0 oz
Faeryglow Boots.png Faeryglow Boots 2 6.0 oz
Faeryglow Shoes.png Faeryglow Shoes 2 6.0 oz
Tempest Boots.png Tempest Boots 2 12.0 oz

Rings & Amulets

Image: Name: Def: Weight:
Falcon Ring.png Falcon Ring 1 3.0 oz
Sylvan Leafband.png Sylvan Leafband - 0.8 oz
Tidal Amulet.png Tidal Amulet - 5.0 oz
Falcon Necklace.png Falcon Necklace 1 8.0 oz


Image: Name: Def: Weight:
Falcon Shield.png Falcon Shield 38 59.0 oz
Fungi Shield.png Fungi Shield 28 37.0 oz
Centaur Shield.png Centaur Shield 33 56.0 oz

Melee Weapons

Image: Name: Atk: Def: Weight:
Falcon Sword.png Falcon Sword 83 9 61.0 oz

Distance Weapons

Image: Name: Atk: Hit %: Weight:
Falcon Bow.png Falcon Bow 4 3 36.0 oz

Magic Weapons

Image: Name: Def: Effect: Weight:
Falcon Wand.png Falcon Wand 9 Deals 104-130~ thunder damage on hit and electrifies the target, dealing damage over time. 27.0 oz
Voodoo Wand.png Voodoo Wand 10 ? 28.0 oz
Zephyr Wand.png Zephyr Wand 12 ? 22.0 oz
Blazefrost Scepter.png Blazefrost Scepter 13 ? 32.0 oz

Miscellaneous Items

Image: Name: Weight: Description:
Rotten Boggle Ear.png Rotten Boggle Ear 0.6 oz Using Hunter's Knife on Boggles

You can exchange 3 with Serena for 1 Cursed Soul Goblet

Boggle Eye.png Boggle Eye 0.3 oz Loot from Boggles
Boggle Talon.png Boggle Talon 1.2 oz Loot from Boggle Mauler and Boggle Grappler
Boggle Trickster Skin.png Boggle Trickster Skin 0.8 oz Loot from Boggle Trickster
Boggle Tentacle.png Boggle Tentacle 0.9 oz Loot from Boggle Trickster
Boggle Trickster Claw.png Boggle Trickster Claw 1.0 oz Loot from Boggle Trickster
Boggle Grappler Hair.png Boggle Grappler Hair 0.3 oz Loot from Boggle Grappler
Boggle Grappler's Cloth.png Boggle Grappler's Cloth 15.0 oz Loot from Boggle Grappler
Dark Centaur Leather.png Dark Centaur Leather 1.5 oz Using Skinpeeler on Centaur Guardian

You can exchange 2 with Serena for 3 Cursed Soul Goblet

Broken Centaur Shield.png Broken Centaur Shield 8.0 oz Loot from Centaur Guardian
Broken Centaur Helmet.png Broken Centaur Helmet 15.0 oz Loot from Centaur Guardian
Centaur Skirt.png Centaur Skirt 4.0 oz Loot from Centaur Windrider
Centaur Dreadlocks.png Centaur Dreadlocks 1.5 oz Loot from Centaur Windrider
Centaur Leather.png Centaur Leather 1.5 oz Using Skinpeeler on Centaur Windrider

You can exchange 1 with Serena for 1 Cursed Soul Goblet

Light Centaur Leather.png Light Centaur Leather 1.5 oz Using Skinpeeler on Centaur Mystic

You can exchange 1 with Serena for 1 Cursed Soul Goblet

Velvet Piece of Cloth.png Velvet Piece of Cloth 0.4 oz Loot from Centaur Mystic
Centaur Mystic Wand.png Centaur Mystic Wand 1.5 oz Loot from Centaur Mystic
Pink Talon.gif Pink Talon 0.2 oz Loot from Centaur Mystic


Image: Name: Job:
Captain Cirlad.png Captain Cirlad Captain of the Flying Ship
Falcon Guard.png Falcon Guard Town Guard
Lucius.png Lucius Magic Shopkeeper
Tristan.png Tristan Blacksmith, Craftsman
Armor and Weapons Trader
Xandor.png Xandor General Equipment and Paper Supply Trader
Isolde.png Isolde Banker
Lysandra.png Lysandra Postwoman
Silvan.png Silvan Furniture Trader
Elena.png Elena Tailor and Leatherworker
Samuel.png Samuel Vegetables and Fruits Trader
Kelezel.png Kelezel Butcher
Cedric.png Cedric Potion Brewer
Creature Product Trader
King Raldor.png King Raldor Ruler of Falcon
Natael.png Natael Mage and Advisor to the King
Alice.png Alice Cleric
Leader Zerin.png Leader Zerin Leader of the Merchant Guild
Gramol.png Gramol Merchant Guild Trader
Enorth.png Enorth Merchant Guild Trader
Luvon.png Luvon Merchant Guild Trader
Ashun.png Ashun Merchant Guild Trader
Lemera.png Lemera Witch
Queen Naya.png Queen Naya Queen of the Fairies
Maharet.png Maharet Mage
Tribemaster Kehan.png Tribemaster Kehan Tribemaster of the Centaurs
Telenus.png Telenus Wounded Centaur
Qimmar.png Qimmar Dragon Rebel Leader
Firefly Spirit.png Firefly Spirit Firefly Spirit
Solar Lion.png Solar Lion Deity
Wandering Bronze Fungi.png Wandering Bronze Fungi Mushroom Wanderer
Sad Cloud.png Sad Cloud :c

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